10 corporate culture positive indicators

corporate culture is an absolute thing. More obvious is the consequences of corporate culture – "how to do things here," the obvious observable results. This article points out ten important areas, not a detailed list, showing a positive win-win culture – creating an environment that makes your employees, customer service and productivity excellence.

  1. People are eager to pick up the phone : People are keen to talk to customers and solve problems because they are well trained, developed, valuable and capable it is good.
  2. People are responsible for : When they say they will follow the example-oriented leaders to prepare their team to succeed when people will do things
  3. Multiple contributors at the meeting : Encouraged, heard and discussed different opinions. People prepare for the meeting, follow up the action, because they know it is expected.
  4. The problem is very fast : people need to help when they have, or when the first time to find the problem, in the company to use the solution as the focus of the method, rather than blame the culture.
  5. People are active and energetic : Differences are broadcast and dealt with; people are in a cycle, so there is no "side" dialogue and rebirth of the breeding ground. There is a balance in the organization, so people are not exhausted and ineffective.
  6. People react quickly and effectively each other : People value each other and their clients, they are developed and authorized to respond effectively, or where necessary to know where to find help. Leaders lead by example and respond to their duties because they want others to do so.
  7. People know each other and understand how they fit their team and the wider situation: There are cross-departmental links, e-mail is just a way of communication – people communicate with each other
  8. People are willing to go beyond a mile : If the team member encounters an emergency or cover, people will be late – they feel that the company is very important, so the company is very important to them
  9. Competitors feel hard to attract your customers : Customers like to interact with your people – there is an attitude that can be done – the internal sensation of positivity
  10. Low staff turnover : The development of new recruits by strengthening and simulating successful cultural behavior.
  11. You The obvious consequences of corporate culture