10 useful tips, will let you witness the stranger

Want to start more people to witness more people?


Practice Start Dialogue

At 5pm, a group of traffic lights, you see a businessman or woman waiting to cross the road. They are on the road from the entrance to the train station. The first line may be:

1. Have you made a lot of achievements in your work today?

2. Looking forward to the weekend?

3. Is the happy day over?

4. Do the work still go or go?

5. Do you have a good day at work?

6. Do you have an impact on your work today?


My second question most frequently asked is:

1. What's your job?

Third: If you can choose your work, what would you do?

So let's take a look at the first. We are letting people talk about their work, the way they are on their way home, and what they have in their hearts.

In general, if your answer is a long sentence or a short sentence, your goal is to get a response, you ask a person what they do for the job, What they do for fun, if they have a family they live in, the person will answer the question and after pausing they will start asking you something. When they ask you, this gives you a chance to share your confidence.

Tip 2

Flowing and talking. Do not freeze. It's a stranger, it does not matter if you beat it. The more people you say, the more practice you will get.

Have you just finished your work?

No, I'm out with a friend

ME: Do you have a good night to share some good things together?

It's a wonderful night.

ME: Are you a student? (19459002)

ME: Really, what kind of musical instrument do you play?

ME: Can you play the guitar?

ME: That's great, my friend is playing guitar here. My name is Matthew and my friend is Yianni.

Are you an Australian?

ME: Yes, I am an Australian and my friend has a Greek heritage, but he does not speak the Greek language.

ME: Where did you come from?

He refers to an island near Fiji

ME: Are you a Catholic?

ME: Do you know that Jesus loves you and he takes me to tell you tonight,

ME: Do you like reading?


Faith and give you more insight into Jesus. May I give you one?


I went into my bag and gave him a good book explaining the gospel and the relationship with Jesus' personal life. This is an eighty-page book, it is the best way I have ever seen, more than 250 Scriptures.

So the second tip is not pressure, let it flow

Tip 3

questions. One of the keys to keeping the conversation moving is asking questions. If you do not know their profession, ask them what they do. Ask this person if this is their chosen profession. Ask them if they are happy. Ask them what they want in their profession, where they go. Ask them after the question. The problem is the key.

There is a simple story that can impress your faith

I like my telephone marketing job, But my love is something I do with some money

Oh, what are you doing? They will ask.

I support several Africans.

I buy food and clothes for money, but most of my favorite work is walking nearer to God.

I have some things to say. Are you confident?

There are many things you can say.

You can come to my website, for example, to become an online intermediary, visiting prophecy and then you can tell people that you are online praying for people.

If you participate in church ministry or share it in your own ministry. When they ask you what to do, share what you do and then add, you get the most satisfying ministry

If your conversation lasts a few minutes, people are mostly polite. If you ask a few questions they have talked a lot and they feel they owe you time they will listen to what you say

So think of some short phrases that you can share. If you do not share something, get something to share! [Lol]

Many times this little sentence is just a bait that you are throwing. If they ask you more about what you just said, then you go deeper into your beliefs and share with them a little gospel.

Tip 5

People generally like people in them. So, be interested, do not worry about how long it takes before the tidal turns, they ask your question

You see the man above asking if I'm an Australian, this is the conversation he started from another country , And then to his faith

interested in people and their occupations. Be interested in everyone you meet. Take the time to listen to their answers. The more polite you are, the more polite they will speak. People like to talk, they like to be given the opportunity to share things with people, let things leave their chests

Witness is not to promote your belief in a person, it is essentially interested in a person. Very often, my dialogue is too short, I can not share my faith with a person to share my small sentence. I asked the Lord to bless the man.

Spirit Flow

The Holy Spirit knows what he wants to do with you and the man. The question in your heart is often the question the Holy Spirit wants you to ask. When I think this man's country is settled by the French I remember I once read a French Catholic, so I took a pan that he was a Catholic

The Holy Spirit is really good to him Know how to ask you questions. The more you start talking, the more exercises you will have, the better you will be.

The more you walk with the Holy Spirit, the more you will be able to witness.

is a seed grower

If you have some you love them put in your bag or briefcase. Do not be in your hands when you start talking. I've had thousands of conversations in the past year or two, and now I'm starting to see the same people for the second time.

If you are a lady, you see a lovely dress in another woman at the traffic light, stick out and say to her, Gee I love your clothes. Do not ask where you get it. When she smiles you can say,

Some people need more than 20 active contacts with Christ and Christians before they are saved. Trying to become one of 20 people in need.

The Word of God is a good seed, but the fruit of the Spirit is also a good seed. You should try to make every encounter the person you leave in a better way then when you encounter them.

We know that when she comes home, a woman's clothes on the positive evaluation can bring what kind of good things, she heard she was forgotten she received a publicity that day?

Planting the Seed, Sharing Christ with You Before You Share with People Christ

Planting the Seed, Sharing Christ with You Before You Share with People Christ In you, they are encountering!

I've planted a lot of seeds in the last few years. Then this year I will bring six people to the Lord one day.

Out of your way, leave a good impression on strangers

I come from my government's disability pension, I get mental illness (I have not heal). On that pension, I get a ticket that gives me unlimited train and bus rides for $ 2.50 per day

Sometimes tickets at the entrance of the station block up a person's ticket when I am behind them. Very often, I put the ticket on the machine and said to them, 'Here, go to my ticket now. This can save them from going to the waiter and show them their ticket to prove that the obstacle is faulty and start a positive encounter that may continue

When you go to a store to buy something with your people in the conversation. Ask them one day how. Ask them a lot of questions. When you say goodbye

There are a lot of people that you can bless and start a conversation, being stuck behind a counter or driving a bus to the back of the seat,

Is a Prayer

Pray to God every day for the fulfillment of the Lord's God: for the day that the Lord commanded thee, and thou hast given to thee, Look at the people I met at the lights would be a good experience.I spent a lot of time at McDonald's.I like to go to McDonald's on the line.I even proposed to line up for my friends.Four people in the depths of four to five A few minutes waiting for them to be served, so I asked the man behind me:

"How about your night? "Just a break?" Or "Do you want some salads today, or like me, like obesity?"

If you ask the Lord what happened to God, he will see that you have that phone and give you five more minutes. You are late

Standing next to you is a beautiful dress woman, you think, "Jean is a beautiful dress," the Holy Spirit said, "Yes, why did you tell her, "

According to her answer, you can say:

So, where do you work? Do you want to have dinner? Or what kind of work do you wear so well?

Oh, there's a second reason why If you pray and record your prayer, you will find that you will have a weekly prayer answered, and they will be good answers. These are some of the gems of witness that you can keep with you and with

There is nothing adventurous that is not available.

In Sydney, where I live, I have been there for a while,

God loves you, you know what?


You can start a conversation, you can get your faith sentence, then you can Believe me, if you are talking to people who want to hear more, they will ask you if you are a prayer, they will ask.

How many people are sacred to the encounter

If you have any questions write to me, ask. I want to talk to you.

Remember, ask three questions:

1. What do you do? (Your answer can be what you do for the job and what you do for God.)

2. What do they do for fun when they do not work? (Your answer can be you in your beliefs, doing funny but always being honest. Share what you do have fun, like going to movies or sports and adding your faith. )

3. Do they have a family with whom they live? (19459002)

When you ask questions, they will ask you questions

I hope these tips have helped you.


, I led this year to ten people to go to God, I am glad. It is enough for a lifetime. But I have planted thousands of seeds, I have a greater harvest, Surprise my day in paradise

I have been practicing for many years.Every sport needs practice.Come, I dare.Ask a person they work in the day is today!