Whether you are buying and / or selling, you can be sure the IRS is far behind. So, if you buy a timeshare on the market, expect something to irritate your tax return. Timeshares can be an important purchase, which means that certain tax rules apply. So, when buying a schedule, you must realize what is your tax return? Here are some useful information you may find useful:

Property Tax

How to evaluate your timeshare units will vary depending on the state in which they are located. For example, some states can independently assess weeks and separate taxes from maintenance fees. Some states may also charge you directly.

However, if you do not do so, you may not have the right to deduct because your time-sharing charges may be assessed as part of the assessment of the entire resort. Therefore, it is considered a single tax package or multiple packages, which is relatively larger than your timeshare.

If the tax on property you purchased is deductible from your return, Multiple times if all of them have been separately accounted for or separately.

What about closing costs and other expenses?

After you purchase your timeshare, you must pay the closing cost. These, including legal costs that you may incur as a result of your purchase, are not normally considered as deductibles in your tax return. Non-deductibles also include membership fees, exchange fees, fees associated with your stay, and any fees paid to your trading company. However, some rules apply, so it is best to check the IRS guide or consult a lawyer for more detailed information.

Renting your Timeshare?

Another meaning is your tax return if you buy a timeshare and then rent it out. Any income you receive from this transaction will be treated as revenue and must be reported. That is, unless you meet the tax requirements that will cover a timeshare as a "vacation home". A) You have at least 3 weeks in a timeshare resort

b) You are using a minimum of 15 people in your time-sharing resort.


If you meet these conditions, you may exclude any rental income you earned from a time-sharing less than 15 days.

If you rent a timeshare, you can also claim your tax return. These include depreciation, maintenance, rental commissions and depreciation and advertising. If you have made any repairs on property, you can claim the cost as your deductible. If you also pay property tax separately, it can also be included.

Donation to your Timeshare?

Many generous timeshare owners like to donate their time to charity. This can be done if your time-share is paid. In this case, the allowable deduction for your time-sharing property will be its fair market value at the time of donation. But there is a limit. Fair market value is considered only when your time-sharing value does not exceed $ 5,000. If so, you will need to provide evidence of a written assessment based on guidelines developed by the IRS.

If your time-sharing payment is a type of lease or tenure, it will be treated as a tangible asset. As a result, certain rules apply. The amount equal to the proceeds of any kind sold in the Property will be deducted from its fair market value.