During a market downturn, you can call your broker and ask him,
"What happened to my account and it lost so much money. ] The standard Wall Street answer is "Do not worry, the market
always comes back.

It looks like we are at the beginning of a major bear market,
No one knows how far it will go or how long it will take

In any bull market, everyone is happy because their stocks and mutual funds are making a profit. How do people retire.

Technology and underlying indicators are bearish.
Credit crisis will not disappear. Oil closes at $ 100 / barrel,
Dollar is falling, consumers are slowing down purchases, inflation
Government statistics show that the Fed seems to be
confused about what to do. These are not bullish.

Brokers have been saying from time to "buy a good
stock and put it".

All the shares of the grandmother were American Telephone and
Telegram, AT & T. In 1985 it was $ 5 / share And rose to $ 58
for a great move in 2000. Then it took a huge profit, dropping to $ 20 in 2004 and has been increased to $ 40.
From here – $ 58 Or $ 20?

There are thousands of such stocks that give investors a huge profit and then recover most of their earnings.
Unless there is an exit strategy, poor investors (pun) Will continue to be poor.

Buy a good stock and take it. Look at the price
General Electric (GE) Fluctuations in the past 10 years, 60 to 20,
GM), 90 to 20, now 30. Coca-Cola,
87 to 40, no 60. There are more. These are considered "good"

Some of them may create new highs but if we bear in a real
they will fall further . If you or your
broker or financial planner does not withdraw your money from strategic protection
you may lose 40% to 60% of what you saved.

The only "good" stocks or mutual funds are stocks that have not fallen
. Is your own?