First, what is book reviews, why do people want them?

You have just read a book to provide your opinion. Essentially, you are offering a mini version of this book so that others can decide whether it's worth their money and time for them.

Book review is a description of the book, analysis and evaluation. It talks about the quality, meaning and meaning of a book. This is not just a short six-part restatement. It is not a book report or a summary.

Your response to the merits and demerits of the material. How you feel about the purpose, content and permissions of this book.

Writing a book review is not the right or wrong way. Book reviews are personal and reflect your opinion. There is no minimum or maximum length. If you write a book for Amazon, you need to be concise – but if you want to write a magazine, you can run 1500 words or more.

One way to write a method is to illustrate what the author has done, compare (in your opinion) the author's success, and supplement it with evidence.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Write an opening speech, provide basic information about the book : Title, author, first copyright date, book type, general theme, featured (map, color palette, etc.), price and ISBN. (Online comment, you can skip, because it is the fuzzy part of the book, the data is just the above paragraphs.)

2. Description of the author's purpose is to write a book. You can often get this from their foreword or the first chapter. They do not come out and say that you can ask yourself these questions:

A. Why do authors write this topic rather than some other topics?

B. From what point of view, the work is written?

C. The author tries to give information, explain some technical things to persuade the reader?

D. What is the general field or type, how does the book fit?

E. Who is the target audience?

F. What is the author's style? Is it suitable for your own taste?

G. Scan the catalog to see how it is organized.

G. How does this book affect you? Have you changed any of the ideas you hold? How to adapt to your idea or have your own personal view of the world? Does it bring your old memories?

H. Does this book achieve what it wants to do?

I. Would you recommend this book to someone else? how did it get here? [1945905] [194590002] [1945905]

3. Summarize this book in the elevator – if you are in the elevator between the floors, you must recommend this book to someone.

4. Explain how the author draws his point of view. What do they use? How do they tell stories – are they interested in you? Are their arguments meaningful? Do they leave anything, or let you do not trust the last?

5. View the author (which is easy on the Internet) to see what you found – reputation, qualifications, influence, biography, etc. And so on – build them as an authority. Do you see any relationship between the author's philosophy, life experience and the book you are reviewing?

6. If necessary, please note the format of this book – layout, binding, layout and so on. Is there a map, illustration? Do they help you understand?

7. Check the back items. How is the index? Is the footnote accurate and useful? What is the bibliography – long, short, free? Write down what you found.

8. Summary (brief), analyze and comment on the contents of this book and its abstract. List the topics, and briefly summarize the author's views on these topics, points and conclusions. Use specific references and references to support your claims. Once you have a good grasp of this book, the conclusion will be simple.