3 Kitchen Mixer Problem You can solve yourself

Over time, even the best kitchen mixer will begin to be hurt. This is especially true if you use a blender every day to make thick smoothies. Today, in the society we threw away, we will soon abandon the product in the first sign of product failure. Small appliances such as blender are usually not worth repairing the repair shop. However, before you remove the landfill from the mixer and purchase a new landfill, you can make several quick and easy repairs. Take the time to do these checks to see if you can make your mixer work again is definitely worth it.


One of the most common problems you encountered in a kitchen mixer was Leak. Even the most acclaimed mixers from the Mixer Review will eventually have this problem. Due to the O-ring or gasket located at the bottom of the agitator tank, where the blade assembly and the housing are located. With the passage of time, the rubber gasket began to wear. If your mixer leaks from the glass bottle instead of the bottom, then there may be cracks inside the jar, you have to replace it. The bottom leak may be a gasket. To check it, you need to remove the blade housing from the blender and pull out the rubber O-ring. Then you can in this ring rubber looking for leaks and tears. This part is easy to replace, just a few dollars. You can find it online, or find it at most family discounts or home appliances stores.

Wrong Blade

Another common problem with the blade at the same time as the mixer. In this case, the engine will start running, but the blades are spinning too slowly. If this happens, the possible cause is to block the blade assembly area. You need to disassemble the component and clean all the contents with a cleaning brush. The accumulation of food may slow down the leaves. Soaking in a detergent for several hours also helps to dissolve any food particles or rubbish that increase as time goes by. Be sure to check your user manual to make sure you are ready for your specific mixer brand. You may also need to add some white grease or WD-40 (not in any area where food will be placed) in the lower part of the blade assembly. If all of this does not work, you may need to replace the entire assembly, which can also be purchased online or at most home appliance retailers.

Broken button

Another problem you may have with the kitchen mixer is the button or the control panel. Normally the button will be stuck. This may be because food and drink into the button area and cause them to block. Even if the button and the control panel are carefully cleaned, the food particles will accumulate over time. Many mixer models will let you out of the control panel cover so that you can clean up later. You can use a toothbrush here to help you get into all cracks. Some mixer models will also allow you to remove the screws at the bottom of the unit and pull out the lower housing area so that you can press the button more easily. If you need to do this, be sure to consult your user manual. Usually all the blender needs to be a good cleaning to make the button work again.

This information should help solve the problem of most common small mixers. Keep in mind that usually a simple repair or replacement will save you the cost of getting a new mixer. For the environment, the repair of things is much better, rather than throw it away.