3 on how to make your money further attack

1. Whenever we do grocery shopping, we will buy almost need to replace the product, and may even need next week. Like this, we spend more time each week. Over the past year, this proportion has increased, becoming hundreds or even more than a thousand cost

Let's think about shopping in this way, if you buy groceries every eight days instead of seven days, you can one day free week The You can do this by cooking something behind the cupboard, such as pasta or tinned rice pudding, soup powder, etc., or from the use of the left yesterday

Fifty two weeks this year, This means that you can get fifty days of free shopping, just pull a little bit of supplies! Every year about seven weeks of grocery is absolutely free!

2. In general, we do not want to give up, but if you do not need to change now, or now spending, you will find that postponing spending actually saves a lot every year. For example, starting with a child every week, you can postpone to once every ten days and buy something every month that may be every 6 weeks or every other month. You will find that each month's monthly income is less than every year.

Children's birthday; some people have the birthday of all their children on the same day, which really is actually saved because you only have a party every year, no more than one.

Some people will put the whole family's Christmas and birthday into the day, think you can use this idea to save hundreds of!

After the next year's event to buy Christmas gifts is another little trick. In January, the sale of goods in the store is not sold, but the price is quite good, the price is 30% cheaper. You only need to remember that next year to buy a gift for you, should not be out of time next year, or really no fashion.

3. If you spend your penny and penny, cents and quarter before spending your money, you will spend less money.

Did you know that the cost of a machine charge is ten to ten percent, just to calculate your money?

This strange little trick is actually effective, saving time and effort,

your little change in your spending habits will certainly make your limited money further expand, so life is generally changed Not so difficult