31 Facebook release ideas you can do quickly

If you are in business, you know the network, build relationships and strong online and offline presence and / or brand is vital. More and more companies are recognizing and accepting that they must have a certain presence in the social media arena.

In my speech, "5-4-3-2-1 Social Media keeps your truth and still grows into a crazy system," I suggest a way for business owners who have been seriously troubled by time management Their social media website. In this article, I will be on Facebook to publish 1-2 minutes of ideas.

Here are some quick ideas to keep your friends and fans interested and offer real value:

1. Movie Comment: It's easy because your research has been done.

2. Book Review: Again, no extra studies (including pictures of this book)

3. community activity

4. Quote: You can subscribe to get a daily quote, or Google "Quote"

5. Interview with the owner: This is a 2, posted on your YouTube channel.

6. Reissue: Publish someone else to write the content, quote him or her, and unfold.

7. Latest news: local and national

8. Your niche: provide advice and advice

9. Community: Share information about businesses or organizations that feed back to the community.

10 photos: beautiful or fun place, people, things in your city.

11. Video article: Get a Flip camera and carry it everywhere. You will never know when it will use it. I used it to record video in this article.

12. Start a video blog: make a series on a topic that you can talk or teach as long as you can. Some video blogs do not really end, so you always have information.

Travel: videos and photos of interesting places you visit. The new hat became amateur photographer. This one is very interesting

15. YouTube: Publish videos that are of interest to YouTube. It is not necessarily your own video.

16. To trade information about a product or service that is of interest to the target market. Again, these are not necessarily yours If you find a lot of things – share it.

17. Interview: interview your niche or community leader.

18. Customer Rating: Get recommendations from past customers or customers. Videotape, if possible. If not, try adding their photos and testimony.

19. Fundraiser: support or share information about local or national fundraisers – especially if you support these fundraising activities.

20 History: share the historical facts of your niche

21. Article: Share articles about your niche or will help anyone in business articles. Publish this article if it will help your target market.

22. Slideshow: Post a slideshow link. (Slideshare)

23. Vote: vote and share the results

24. Blog posts: Share posts from your blog. No blog, use someone else blog blog. They will appreciate the exposure. Look at my blog

25. Series: do a series of topics.

26. Daily life: about daily life, to help people with you or your company.

27. Current activity: share your experience during an event or meeting, and so on. Publish tips, people or any interesting things happen.

28. Interesting articles: but they are more funny.

29. Comment on your favorite place to visit or eat.

30. Your interest in your daily life is especially especially if it is interesting.

31. Creative, there are all kinds of jobs, sincere, real and valuable.

Some video articles will take longer because you have to download the video, maybe make some edits and then upload it. I prefer to upload to YouTube, and then I can push it, post it on Facebook, and use it in such an article.

On Facebook, if you have a webcam, you can record video directly to the wall and publish it. As much as possible cross, so you can save your time. If you post on Facebook and then post a tweet and then use it on Linked In or other social networking sites. Have fun and relax. It takes time to set up a social media site. The main thing is to be consistent, each release, Twitter, sharing, etc. will increase the value, meaning and integrity.

For some good posts, you can always contact me on Facebook and mention that you read the article in your friend's request. BTW – always send a reference or comment when sending any of a friend requests, ie if you want them to seriously consider accepting it. Happy post!