4 E-Commerce Classification

E-commerce or e-commerce is an electronic transaction or other terms of sale. This involves the use of computer networks, such as the Internet, to purchase, sell and exchange goods or services for exchange of money. In contrast to e-commerce, e-commerce not only exists on the network. In fact, e-commerce already exists, and in the 1970s through EDI (electronic data interchange) through the VAN (value-added network) business-to-business transactions done very well. E-commerce can be further divided into four main categories B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C

• B2B (Business to Business)

B2B Absolute Handling Company Who is doing each other Business. One example is where a manufacturer sells their product to a distributor who sells it to a retailer.

• B2C (Business to Consumer)

Business to Consumer Consumers usually use the catalogs of shopping cart software to either general public or consumer Sales of products and services. B2B can easily make a lot of money; the other hand, B2C is an ordinary customer talking about the whole e-commerce really think of. With the help of e-commerce, you can easily buy a lot of things without human interaction. This is an example if you have a hard time finding a book when you need to purchase a customized high-end computer system, or look for a class, an all-inclusive tropical paradise island tour. Therefore, e-commerce can help you buy products at the same time.

• C2B (Consumer to Business)

An example of a C2B is when consumers post their projects or assignments on the Internet and websites. Consumers set their budgets online, and within hours, many companies review consumer requirements and then bid on the project.

[194590042] • C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

A very good example for C2C is eBay. It is where consumers sell their products to other consumers through bidding. Therefore, the highest bidder can purchase the product. Another example is the site provides free classified ads, auctions and forums, consumers can buy and sell products to other consumers. They use PayPal as an online payment system tool that they can easily send and receive funds online

There is another form of e-commerce that is B2E or business-to-employee e-commerce. Here, the company is using its internal network to provide its employees with online products and services. Other forms of e-commerce include G2G (Government to Government), G2E (Government to Employees), G2B (Government to Business), B2G (Business to Government), G2C (Government to Citizenship), C2G (Citizenship), and other forms of E-Commerce.

To the government). These deals mainly involve the government, from procurement, filing of taxes, business registration to renewal of licenses. There are many other categories exist, but then they tend to be redundant