4 UK work from home network marketing opportunities

Internet marketing is a great way to get income from home businesses. As part-time or full-time income, management fees are few, no complicated staffing problems, the most important thing is that you can choose your own time to adapt to your lifestyle.

But for you to choose the right network marketing company may be a bit of a blow. It is important that you do your homework because if you are uncomfortable with the company, the product or the service, then you will illegally provide them to your friends, family, neighbors and collections.

There are only four well-known network marketing opportunities for home entrepreneurs.

[1945900]] Avon – Avon Cosmetics Co., Ltd. in the United States, was founded in 1880. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries and are sold by more than 5 million independent dealers. As women's companies seem to be mainly listed by women; generally from women (and some men) cosmetics manuals. Every family in the UK will actually have heard of the brand, recently in the UK through television advertising exposure.

2. Telegraph Plus – Operation by Brand Name Practical Warehouse The British FTSE 250 Company was founded in 1996 by Led by Charles Wigoder, who has achieved great success in the founder of Peoples Phone, with sales of more than £ 200 million and then sold to Vodafone in 1997, named "2009 Company", which includes what? Best Buy and Consumer Award, the company supplies more than 300,000 customers for natural gas, electricity, fixed telephones, mobile phones and broadband. In addition, they offer an innovative 5% cash return card, all costs are on a single document. The UK's only company has collected momentum and has not advertised on television, offering unlimited free training for its issuers and providing its own free utility warehouse site for distributors.

3. Betterware – A successful British shopping company that sells to customers in the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Central America. Originally known for its wide range of household goods and household products, the series has been increasing over the years, including gifts, personal care and beauty as well as outdoor products. Working in a similar manner to Avon, the distributor offers brochures and accepts orders. There is no TV commercial, customers can order products through their distributor network, regional sales agents, mail, phone or company online.

[1945900] Herbalife – Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes of Los Angeles (died at 21.5.00 years old, 44 years old), is the world's largest herbal distribution One of the health products in more than 70 countries has more than 1.9 million distributors. It's headquartered in Los Angeles. Like Telecom Plus and Betterware, there is no TV commercial. Dealers buy the Herbalife products by wholesale and resell them in the retail store to make a profit.


Anyone can become an independent distributor of online marketing companies to bring financial differences to their lives, but few people Realize that there will only be a commitment and a real desire for success. Companies that offer overnight success are usually scam, but many companies, including those companies, are legitimate jobs for home network marketing opportunities. The beginning is right, and ready to put some time and effort, you will get the reward, whether you want to earn enough money to pay the monthly mortgage or early retirement, the remaining income in order to live