4 Use the handle to motivate your woman to prove the skills

Women like to be dominated by a man in bed. A technique that can be used to inspire your partner to transcend her most crazy dreams is humanization. Through the body to give her a little pain, you will be able to use the handle to maximize her psychological stimulation. One thing you can do is that when your girl is standing at the door, she throws her back. The strength of the blow will be distributed through her back, which means she will not feel pain. Because the door will be loudly closed and loudly informed that, due to the dominant position, it will further inspire her

Another great way is to tear up her clothes. If she wore old panties, you could put your hand in and twist it to tear it more easily. And then tear her underwear with another hand and hold her hand. Make sure you will pull the rally and side so that the torn force will enter her hips instead of any sensitive area. Like bang bang bang it back to the door, which is very dominant.

Another awesome way to convey more advantages is to pull her hair. To use it, you need to grab her hair as close as possible to the root and pull her head in the direction you want. When the performance is good, women will like this feeling. When you stand behind her neck, it's great. You can also do it, make her look like your eyes, as love, which will add more emotions to your love as well.

Finally, a good way to deal with your girl is spanking her. If the two of you start wrestling, you can put her on the knee, put the pants down and hurt her. Because this part of the body has a lot of muscle and fat, so before the injury a lot, you can take considerable punishment. You can always beating her ass to expose

These are just a few examples. Using your creativity, your woman will soon fall in love with your accomplishments.