5 fish kept in your saltwater aquarium

When you first saltwater aquarium, putting it together is definitely an overwhelming task. Since you do not know anything about maintaining the aquarium, you will need to know more about fish and invertebrates before buying new fish.

You do not want to buy a fish that is hard to start. You do not want an ugly fish that will only hang in your tank to occupy space and food.

In this article, we list five fish that you will love to keep in your aquarium. I hope they will help.

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[19459] Add some color to your tank Then buy these beautiful women. Coral beauty, a dwarf fairy fish, is an excellent complement to any kind of salt water tank. Just remember to add some rocks that these beauties can hide.

  • Butterfly Fish is a kind of fish. There are 120 species of butterfly fish in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. These fish have different colors, stripes or patterns that are fascinating.

      • Clown Fish

      Have thought about you in the movie "Looking for Nemo" to see the fish you can clown fish is usually very bright, orange The fish has three white stripes, one in the head, the middle and the tail.

        • Talbot's Damsel

        Very vibrant colors, the back has a different place, Talbot's Damsel is aggressive on other fish , Especially with age. In addition, these species are easy to store and use for a long time.


        • Achilles tang

        Although this fish is a bit more expensive and difficult to maintain, but Achilles tang is the most notable of your aquarium One of the fish. Because it is swimming at a very high speed, the fish needs a large tank with good open space. If stored in a small tank, the fish will not feed, will die quickly. It feeds herbivores and requires a variety of foods. [1945903] [1945909]

The first time to buy a fish is not a good idea. We recommend that you study the animals you want pets and check that they are compatible with each other.

It is not easy to buy livestock for the new saltwater aquarium. You need to give you a lot of time in your research.