5 Let the basic characteristics of real estate investment profit

Whenever someone tries to make up his mind, where the money is placed, ask me if the real estate business is more or less profitable, with other business opportunities compared to.

[1945900] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] ] 1. You can refurbish (raise the value of real estate)

You bought a stock after you held for some time and wanted to sell it for profit. The success of the stock depends on the company management and the success of their company, which is not under your control

with other traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, for example, their rate of return depends on the third party (eg company management) , The real estate investment is directly controlled by you

Although you can not control the possible changes in the population and the economy, or the natural changes that have been affected, there are many other aspects

Real estate investment, when done correctly, even during a recession, also proved to be profitable (as we are now there)

There are several times that have been used to achieve relief from financial setbacks, as those that have experienced much of the recession in Nigeria today.

A considerable number of customers have been in my opinion, due to the current economic situation, they do not know the profitable channels to invest their money.

We conducted extensive discussions, according to my expertise as a real estate consultant, I recommend land property investment because of the most appropriate and safe alternative investment channel

Because, even if all the business collapse, the land will always appreciate. Then, in order to drive my home, I ended up by a former US president to share the following appropriate offer:

"Real estate can not be lost, will not be taken away, managed and reasonable , It is the safest investment in the world "- Franklin Roosevelt

Not surprisingly, the customer chooses to adopt my opinion – and sign: it is obvious common sense thing

3. Real estate investment from inflation

In other words, investing in your money to have viable real estate can protect you from inflation is often a serious impact on other traditional investments

This is because real estate values ​​tend to rise and inflationary pressures Positive correlation.

4. Real estate is generally accepted for collateral, seeking bank funds

Today, in the form of buildings or land in real estate, with the appropriate title (ie the certificate of entry – that is, "O") is Nigeria's most recognized and accepted form of collateral – the rest of the world.

It has a unique feature that protects the interests of borrowers and banks (ongoing loans) so that money can be released, that is, after appropriate verification, and the terms and conditions are agreed.

This is one of the key advantages of O's private C's overall C, because the former (ie, O's private C) is what prospective borrowers need, and any future financial transactions with the Bank of Nigeria

5. Real estate investment allowed to use other people

In other words, even if you do not have enough money, you can do it. You just need to know how.

It is possible because real estate is physical property or so-called hard assets.

This is why a lot of real estate products are bought with debt – unlike traditional investment products, such as stocks, these products are not tangible, so it is considered because of the risk of investment Big.

so real estate investment can use cash or mortgage financing. In the latter case, the payment may be arranged to allow payment of the low initial amount provided by the third party that you or you wish.

These payments will take place in real estate, and the value will continue to increase throughout this period – even beyond.

This is what I recommend my customers to do all the time, so they can make a good decision investment.

The importance is especially in Lagos, where there are quite a few people whose fingers are not burnt because they have not taken the necessary precautions

My aim is to help customers avoid this The 19459008 In this excellent article I found: http://realestate4investing.com/articles/real-estate-investments/10-advantages-disadvantages-real-estate- investment ]