5 Piano Learning Materials

You want to go to a new song on the piano, but you are stuck. You can not think of the songs you want to learn. I have listed five songs on the piano that all players should learn at some point.

I selected three songs for beginners, more mid-level players choose two, all the skill level players can find things here

Hey Jude

Most of us have heard this classic Beatles song. The upright piano chord is one of the best pop songs on the instrument. Although this song may sound complicated, but for those who have a few songs for beginners, this is really not difficult.

Do not hesitate to believe

Some people think that this song is cheese, and I personally like it. This popular stadium rock song is probably the band "journey" the biggest blow. It is covered by many bands, including the popular TV show "Glee", also used as the last episode of the HBO TV series "The Soprano".

may not be an easy song, beginners learn, But the gun N Rose November Rain is still a huge blow to the band and the main pianist Axl Rose. In this passage, this is a beautiful piano part.

[1945900] Let it be

Another great Beatles music, make it a major for all beginners. Like hey jude this song may sound more difficult to play, in fact it is so. The chord is very simple, and there is not much difficulty in that part.

Bohemian Rhapsody

When you think about it, you will find basic piano chords online and then listen to several songs that you may not Think of it as a piano song, how to see the live performance of this song, you will see the Queen's lead singer Eddie Mercury through the song a large part of the playing piano. There are some online versions that you can find, creating some simple piano parts, in more complex electric guitar part of the song.

This is another great song, singing and playing if you can do it.