6 feet enough to meet a woman? Maybe some women, but you need to be bigger sure!

6 inches enough to meet a woman? Like men and their penis size, women's vagina has different shapes and sizes, so to meet the needs of a woman needs the amount of the penis varies from woman to woman. For some women, 6 inches are good, but not all.

Why is 6 inches not enough? There are two reasons. If you are darker than a vaginal woman, then 6 inches is not enough to reach the depth of a tough vaginal orgasm, and you may have trouble putting enough friction on G or stimulating her Clitoris by pushing. Contrary to popular belief, the height of a woman has nothing to do with the depth of her vagina. A 5 & # 39; 3 "woman may need 7-8 inch penis to be able to meet while some 5 & # 39; 11" women will do 6 inch members.

Another reason 6 inches may not be enough for visual perception. 6 inches is an average standard deviation of 6 inches for men, meaning that if you are 6 inches, 84% of men are bigger or bigger than you When you sleep with a woman, your child is smaller than the 10 of her past partners, and she may think you are a man and may be more uncomfortable.

So what should I do? I did not waste my time taking medicine or pumps. I studied the natural penis enlargement exercises and took action with them. I used a program that suits my own needs and goals, I am very diligent, and I use it every day. I am hanging from 5.5 inches to very nice and I start to see the benefits in two weeks!