6 reasons why you should buy paintings directly from the artist

When you decorate the walls of the house, there are some facts that support you should buy paintings directly from the artist, not at the online store or physical store

  • You get a primitive, unique painting without the others
  • This painting is elaborate, with minimal detail
  • You get a quality product from excellent material
  • You get the biggest explosion of your money – no commission online or physical gallery
  • When you want to change your collection
  • You will get better service, the artist will answer any questions you have

You get a unique original painting

When you buy an original, unique painting from an artist, you get a unique art, only one.

If we look at the definition of "primitive", the Danish dictionary says it is an "object Or the phenomenon is the basis of reproduction "

It is necessary to know that many online and physical stores advertise by" original "painting, in fact the reproduction of the artistic value of almost no reproduction

Usually produced in art plants in China and other oriental countries. Where the workers do not always have the best working conditions. Employees are working for many hours every day without any rest, production is in the building, lacks basic needs such as window glass and winter heating

There is also a large number of Danish production art factories,

Hard to find it is a real or fictional artist if it is a primitive painting or a copy – there are some hints that you can use, the factor that it is a real artist:

Starting from Googling Artist , To see what information appears. Does the artist's contact information appear, does he have his own website, search for an earlier show?

  • If the store's website has artist information and shows the artist's photos and biography
  • If an artist profile with biography attached to this picture, and shows the artist's photo
  • Things show it is a unique painting:
  • If there is a real artist behind, not just a pseudonym
  • If the full name of the painting signature, the title and the year of the canvas back

This painting is very carefully created

The unique painting produced by real life artists is characterized by the use of hours and hours of works, composition, texture, color composition and color mixing.

The composition, style, theme and medium of the original artist program. This is a work of art, endless little details, beautiful colors and great depth, which means you will keep discovering new details, textures and details. After that, the process of creating the painting consists of a series of different steps: starting the canvas, applying the texture pulp (1-3 operation), painting the theme (1-5 operation), the top finish, and finally the finish.

It varies greatly, and an artist must be in a painting before it is ready for the public, but usually work more than 5-10 times before the number of times must work. Especially when the creation requires many thin translucent layers and transparent colors, it must work multiple times

Production replicas are characterized by only a few moments to produce each painting, usually having only 15- 20 minutes available

This means that it is possible that a painting is up to three layers before being ready. Often, the painting will be made in a process, with employees working parallel to up to 50 identical paintings. As a result, replicas often lack detail and depth.

[1945900] You get a quality product

Many artists are proud of using very high quality paint, materials and tools.

Basically, the difference between the three different qualities of the artist's paint: school quality, student quality and artist quality

This is a use of paint The problem of pigment relative to the proportion of the filler and the combination

The highest quality paint uses the most expensive pigments, the largest share of the pigment containing little or no filler.

[1945900] School Quality is the cheapest for school course training. It is not suitable for a real painting that is used to decorate your home because the poor quality means mixing with other colors is difficult, the paint can not keep the texture and dry into a flat shape, lack of color fading resistance, opacity, shading power and transparency

Student Quality is a basic paint used for painting and opaque surfaces to start. It is a sound quality, there are some good features, so the colors can be mixed, they keep the texture acceptable level.

Artist Quality is the top of a line with high light resistance, high opacity, high color and high transparency. All in all, it offers the possibility of painting with very fine detail, brilliant colors and great depth.

Professional Artists use good quality canvas, made of cotton and / or cotton, linen

The vast majority of artists always use varnish or gel Form a layer of protection to complete this process.

Replicas are usually used in school quality and the quality of students using artist paint – excellent artist quality will not be used because of the high price.


If an artist sells through an online or physical gallery, they usually have to pay

Obviously, when you trade directly with the artist , There is no paid commission, so no expensive brokers can make money on artwork

price higher

When you want to sell one [1945900]

In general, you can get roughly the same as the purchase price of a painting purchased from an artist Of the amount, while the replica in the sharp decline in prices, so you only get the amount of your original payment of 25%.

If you find a talented artist, you can make money when you sell again

It takes a lot of practice and you know what art to buy.

You get a better service

When you talk directly with a professional artist, he or she will answer any questions you have.

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