69 women – the ultimate sex sex

69 names derived from the physical arrangement of men and women, while verbal pleasure. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn how to master 69 women to maximize sexual excitement. This is of course worthy of perfection; master 69 to be in the oral sex to give the greatest sexual stimulation. There are three types of 69, but first we have to prepare for this behavior.

69 preparation

In order to prepare 69 women, men and women should be stripped, bath or shower. Trying to oral sex without first washing will be a disgusting experience. This can be incorporated into the foreplay.

side by side 69

Lying beside your partner, facing the direction in bed; so their genitals are close to your face and vice versa. Open your side, face your partner, and separate your thighs. Hold your partner on the buttocks and start intercourse.

[1945900] [1945900] Your partner will lie on their backs. Across the chest across their feet. Move your genitals to their face and let yourself shrink, so that their genitals are before you. Start oral sex.

[1945900]] Standing 69

Usually standing people, because he is tall and tall, physically stronger. He insists on holding his ankle or calf, holding the foot or calf woman. Once the woman's genitals close to the man's mouth, the man's genitals should also be in place, so she is easy to fall on him.

Like all sexual acts, 69 require perfect practice. But that's worth it. 69-year-old women can provide the greatest sexual stimulation for oral sex; accept oral sex also performed better. Just remember to keep good hygiene habits and incorporate your initial baptism into your foreplay.