7 Weapon Conquest Giant procrastination keeps you from dreaming of your book

Do you have to delay your book project,

Recently? Like the author, many writers have hung up

Thinking about writing and completing their book. They feel like a

The losers, as they have stopped and started numerous times

For many years. They do not realize that you are actually a winner

Minutes, you start moving towards your worthy goal. Instead they

Continue to procrastinate until they give up. A client acknowledges her

It's too hard to write a book. Knowledge and know-how can form a weapon that will destroy power

Procrastination. Using 7 weapons the following writers can conquer
Weapons # 1 Now do it!

It's better than now. Remember that you become a successful author

One minute, you start moving towards your worthy book goal. I

Do not know anybody regret they wrote a book. But the author
Weapon # 2 Investment Time Pre-Design Your Passion Points "Top Marketing Points"

Take Time to Develop Design Passion Points for Sale

More in your book even before the point of passion is complete

Title, cover, paper, audience, benefits and features, mini-sales

As a cover letter and a copy of each letter of the book.

For example, at least half the book's success will be at

Your choice of title

Weapon # 3 Knowing that you are not necessarily a good expert, great

Write about books that interest you and want to know more.

When you are looking for information, talking with experts and writing, you become

Experts. Find out what your readers will want

Answer. Organize them into your table categories

Content, and finally your chapter. Still remember
Arms # 4 Achieving your message is important and worth your

Consider what your readers need and want. If your books are shared

Unique, inspiring, useful, interesting, it is

Important enough to write. Think about your gift? God has given you

Your gift to share with others. Our gift to return to God is what we do

Use it. The more you give your gift (book) to the care of love

Weapon # 5 Knowing your book will be sold along with your marketing efforts

It's Not Everyone Wants to Buy You book of. But there

A large number of target audiences want your entertainment

or useful information. The world is waiting for your self-help, how to do it,

Business or poetry books. When you spend time touching them

Emotions are good for them and they will pull out their credit card or cash and pay the price. Popular non-fiction themes are self-help, mystery, parent / child, sex and romance. Remember that women buy 78% of all trade books

Weapons # 6 The journey does not have to be long,


Invite your friends and family to be with you as a companion

Editing. Ask them for feedback on papers, titles and chapters –

One at a time. Do not isolate in your thoughts. Open yours

Writing to someone else will give you a better sense of what the process is about

Your readers may want to. Register for writing and / or publishing courses

Enhance your mind. Join the criticism team for feedback.

Subscribe to the newsletter and read and write articles
Weapon # 7 acknowledges that the publication has changed, need not be too expensive, too long, too difficult.

Technology has pushed the publishing process into new areas.

Traditional publishing usually takes one to two years. With e-

Book and Print on Demand (POD) printing technology, the author can see their print quality in a few months or less time to read.

Remember that if you get some parts of a project that go beyond

Your skills or expertise take counseling and other majors

service that will take you to stop you from anything

Writing, Finishing and Publishing Your Successful Books

If you have succumbed to procrastination, take a different

Strategy uses perspectives and seven kinds of weapons to overcome any giants called procrastination to prevent you from realizing your book dream