9 Mythology About Pregnancy

Motivating a pregnant woman to make her aware of her potential and dealing with those who are depressed requires a lot of skill. Some people do well and their opinions are sometimes not even covered by the doctor's advice, especially for young pregnancies. Innocent and young mothers began to believe in some myth about pregnancy.

Myth # 1

If you drink milk when you stand, you will immediately abort.

Myth # 2

The new baby has hair on the head, which is with you in nine months. [1945909]

Myth # 3

You can determine the baby's sex by looking at the constitution of the pregnant woman.

Myth # 4

You should not raise your hand on your head, otherwise the umbilical cord will be wrapped in the baby's neck unit.

Myth # 5

If you are active during pregnancy, you will have a girl. If you sleep more, then you will have a boy.

Myth # 6

If you eat more candy, you will have a boy. If the desire to eat spicy food is more, you will have a girl.

If you look more charming in pregnancy, it is because you are carrying the girl. If you tan every day, it is because you boy in the womb.

Myth # 8

If your figure does not change, except for your abdomen, it is because you carry the boy. If the whole body gets a lot of weight, it is because the coming girl.

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Myth's hair also determines that they are about to The arrival of the sibling's sex.

But the secret behind all these myths is the secret of life. When you think of something, focus on thinking the whole universe, start trying to accomplish your thoughts. In simple terms, the more you think, the more you happen. So why do these myths tend to be more real for those who know them and believe in them, not those who pay more attention to this high-tech world doctor and ultrasound.