9 ways – better public speaking skills

To some extent, we are asked to do some public speeches in business. The way we introduce ourselves is important because it represents what we are, our ability, and how people perceive our business – so it is important to try and improve the skills of better public speaking skills.

People who want to get better public speaking skills are initially concerned with adding new interesting or persuasive elements, such as props or humor, or developing means such as gestures in presentations.

The truth is well known that people can greatly improve their spoken language by focusing on the negative situation of eliminating their pronunciation before considering the addition of other content. In other words, there are some simple rules that can help you better improve your oral skills and provide you with better presentations to achieve better results in your business.

I am training myself to use the rules that others have seen or observed in the things that I have had the chance to meet:

1. Keep it simple


Eye contact

Do not use the hand to do crazy things

2. Impatient

Whatever you say, people want to know that you are excited about it. Now, do not fake it, but let your passion for your career or product pass!

3. Balance the format of your information

Do not try to complain too much about presentations. On the contrary, when speaking, cover the basics and leave the details to the lecture that can be read later. Use PowerPoint slides or several, but do not overdo (info).

4. Prior management relationship

If possible, please understand the person who will listen to you before you introduce. This will give them an inner trust and what you say.

5. Show, do not tell.

Show stories, examples and personal experiences to them. Do not just list the facts.

6. Out of distracting qualities

"Ummus" and "Ahaas" have gone. Harsh coins are also in the pocket. (I have committed this crime many times)

7. Know your material.

There is no rhythm material tapping. If you do this, it will cover many other possible problems.


[19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] [19459] Do not misunderstand people's reactions, do not be discouraged.

You never know why a person does not listen or get up and walk. There are many reasons that have nothing to do with you or your words. Suppose it is something else and move on!

I am not a great speaker … but I have the privilege of working with some great presidents and speakers, such as some incredible successes to the HIS Real Estate Network Advisory Board. I have found that by working with these and other successful speakers and speakers, and trying to practice what I have learned, I have developed a better public speaking skills. If you follow these simple rules, you can also.