A sense of happiness – Hindi rock pioneer

Happiness may be defined as extremely loving mentality and mental state. Appreciation of the band in the 20th century, the late 90s broke out of the music industry, when the Indian rock band is still in India's music industry left an impression. They seize the opportunity to decide to introduce India to this new brand. Their voice is fresh, unheard of, is the combination of Indian and Western music, forming a sound of people who hear sounds. The aim of the band is to make the rock music very good and make the sound "right"!

In 1998, with the success of their first album, Dhoom, the band continued to perform at various university and school functions, and even held a concert in the Indian Gate. They soon began their visit to Nepal, Sri Lanka and even the United States. They were fortunate enough to have a concert at the United Nations General Assembly. Palash Sen, a front-line researcher who became a doctor's band, soon discovered his entertainment in India and around the world. After years of music, they argue that rock and roll are not stereotyped in terms of gender, drugs and violence, they just want their music to speak.

Euphoria still believes that they have more dedication since they have come for the first time, music and countless albums, songs, tours, concerts and music videos, as they have been trying to use simple Indian Language rock and a little soul into the mix. Palash, DJ, Benny, Hitesh, Ashwani, Gaurav, Rakesh and Prashant are all very good friends, they think this type is left here. This belief may be the result of Hindi rock band acceptance and the rise of love, they think now has reached a whole new level. Rock!