A successful plan = recipient to buy

There are now a lot of names, these hybrids are called. When the traditional business model and non-profit organizations meet, these business is basically a concept.

I really like this concept, these companies make me fascinated

Yes, I am a nerd.

Anyway, back to talk with people …

Several conversations stem from the owner having a good idea (yes, it is great) and hope to spread this idea, To improve the other case. However, when I asked them how to feel that they would measure the impact of this idea, I found that there was not much thought.

Okay, many of us are these days on our plate, and this fact is actually lost in the translation. This leads to the theme of my article today.

I have three words to you: the recipient to buy



I actually regard the recipient as the holy grail of any attempt to promote a positive change. When I was a peer reviewer of an authorization proposal, I was actually looking for something that the application entity had already experienced. This means that it is built in the community.

You can invest billions of dollars in the case of need. But if anything affected by the other end does not jump with you, it will not happen and the resources will be wasted. This will be a cause of failure.

This theory is achievable in the nonprofit and business sectors. Remember this old adage: "You can take the horse to drink water, but you can not drink."

So, the last point, what kind of impact you want to see happens. You need a clear understanding of how to measure the success of your impact, and the recipient's purchase must happen so that you can measure anything.

My advice always receives the feedback received and then assumes what can help what can not. Find out what you need, and then go to the gun. Believe me when i say you'll be amazed at what they tell you