Agora Model – How to Apply a $ 300million Marketing Plan to Your Business and Wealth

Agora Model of Internet Business Started as an Experiment 10 Years Ago. Agora Publishing, based in Baltimore, Maryland, developed the model. The model helps Agora grow into one of the world's largest online newsletter publishers

What is the Agora model of Internet business?

Models sell information products online by using direct response marketing principles. The winning formula is tested and applied to other niches.

The model proved successful in creating a $ 300 million internet marketing business in this process

Why use the Agora model?

There are two main advantages to using the model: The first is that you can sell your products online. When you are marketing your business online

  • You can sell at high margins because your production costs are low
  • You can work from any location and time zone
  • The second benefit is that you can become an information publisher. Information products are niche products. Because they have high perceived value (webinars, online courses, home study courses, boot camps) … so you can charge high prices

      Your production costs are low because you can outsource most of the staff costs (ghostwriters, graphic designer).

      Your delivery costs are as low as zero (you email your email)

    • Your Customers Order Now
    • If you are like me, who believes in the smart way to start a business – low risk high

    Profit – then the bazaar model is for you.

        • Capturing Visitor Information (lead capture)
        • Let's take a look at the details of this three-part business model ….

          The first step in Agora model is to drive traffic to your website. You can drive traffic to your site by blogging, syndication, search engine optimization, joint-venture transactions, pay-per-click advertising, communications advertising, and article marketing.

          The bottom line is that you want prospective customers and visitors to come to your site as soon as possible.

          When you start getting traffic to your site, you can go to the Agora model next ….

          Capture your site visitor contact information and build your list in the process

          Write Your Customers Decide From

          This step is the most important step in the agora internet model

          The axiom copy is the king apply … when you know how

          Very important?

          You can only start selling your products until your visitors visit your site and establish a relationship … a very low chance of your business growing You have a customer

          The second step is to establish a relationship with your potential customers.

          The third step is to follow up with your potential customers. The third step is to go to the second step, because you need to establish a relationship with your potential customers, and then you can follow them.

          Your internal customer list is more sensitive to your sales promotions. Because you have a relationship with them

          What is the secret to building a relationship with your house list?

          Send valuable information to them ………..

          This means that you can provide them with workable solutions to their problems and setbacks

          When you are able to provide free useful suggestions and promote your products to your house list …..

          We have seen start up The Market Model of Internet Business

          We also see the key to the long-term success of this model. Internet business. These keys have generated millions of dollars in sales for Agora

          The good news is that you can start applying this model to your business today

          Rich Schrefen, Internet

          Step 1: Develop a multi-million dollar, repeatable formula that sells almost free information at a price tag of 1,000% +

          Step 3: Repeat as needed (in their case, hundreds of millions of dollars per year)

          Look at the new niche to apply the formula

          To the big picture?

          If you want to apply the Agora model to your business …

          I will because this is the smartest decision you can take