Aion Chanter Guide – Guide Aion Chantor Leveling

Want to start a chanter in Aion? Well, to start the power regulation of a chanter you need to remember basically two things. You have to remember what the best place is fast level, what the task is good or bad. But how will you know where the place is excellent or the task is good or bad?

The first thing you need to do is go to an excellent ground.

1 – Is there enough task in this area?

2 – Will it take a long time when I travel from south to north?

Basically, these two questions are very important to ask yourself because you can not be in a place without a lot of tasks. In addition, too much area will waste your time

Another thing to keep in mind is creatures. There are lots of creatures that are not very good because these creatures will start annoying you soon because you can not walk to point A to B normal. (19459003)

Well, now you are in a very good place to carry out the level, you now need to find out what the task is good, what The task is bad. Basically, the best way to accomplish this task is to estimate the time of the task.

You can not accept the task, which will waste your time.

But how to find the best place to the best task without wasting time to study?

Find the best places and tasks with Aion Chanter Guide

To find out all the information you need to start leveling a chanter very fast, you should use Aion chanter Guide nad I highly recommend using this guide.

This guide basically collects all the information needed so you can start adjusting your chanter in the quickest way. This guide will gradually give you all the information you need, step by step the level of the line, you just need to follow the start leveling very fast