Are pet rats and cats safe in the same room?

A question I asked a lot, those who already have a cat who can accept pet mice. Before making this decision, there are many factors to consider. While some people say that their cats do not pose a threat to their rodents' friends and happily post their cats and mice photos, it is a very rare situation and should not be considered normative.

At this stage I should point out that I and my two pet mice, peas and figs, my dog, Charlie, Maltese Shitzu and my cat Dylan, a Ragdoll x Persian living together. All my animals are salvation, and they are done in different ways. However, despite his Ragdoll descent, Dylan absolutely has the instinct of hunting, I will never let the mouse run out of the rat cage while he is in the room. It is important to remember that even if you choose a gentle breed, like a purely Ragdoll cat, let them from a kitten they will never be abandoned with your pet mouse.

It is possible to keep a pet rat if you have a cat, although you should measure the pros and cons before using a new pet. Here are some things to consider:

1. Separation – When you want the mouse out, you need to be able to easily separate your cat and mouse. This may mean using a spare room as a space. That's what I did. The spare room does not have the risk of rats, such as wires, sharp objects and small things that they can suffocate. It is also completely sealed. There is no hole in the wall to escape. I tried to spend an hour with my mouse every day. We can play together, I can safely from the naughty cat claws and teeth on some training. I also have a lot of fun tubes, boxes, and even a mouse swimming pool for them to explore. Cats are generally well as long as they have enough space to roam their food, water and trash can (in our case is a puppy mate) and they will be fine.

2. Safety – You need 100% sure your squirrel cage is safe. Of course, you need to do this because you do not want your mouse to escape and get into danger. When we first used our two peas and alum, the old masters gave us a hole in the cage, this is a small hole, I sealed me with plastic boxes and tape, but when there was a trace of panic in my life Found peas running on the floor with Dylan cat to rush toward. Fortunately, I chose the peas in time, and the rats had moved to 100% safe (and huge) cages, but please do not let your pet go into this situation. The rats are notorious escape artists. You might think that this space is too small to squeeze out, but it will surprise you. Make sure the squirrel cage is strong (can not be knocked down), and there are plenty of areas for the rats to hide and open their eyes.

3. Common sense – you know your cat more than anyone else, but even if you have the world's thinest cat seems to want to be friends with your mouse, please be careful not to leave them together forever. I can let my mouse sit on my shoulder, and Dylan is sitting on the couch, but if I sit on the couch, I am very careful. The tail of the rat is irresistible to most cats

If you have a cat and you are willing to pay some extra effort to make sure your mouse is safe, then there is no reason you should not have a rod animal. But make sure you have more than one mouse. This is the best because the rats can keep each other's companies when they are in the cage. Even if you can spend a lot of time with the mouse, when you leave, or asleep, the mouse can snuggle, play together, mate each other.

Rats sometimes seem fearless, but if you have more than one cat, maybe you should consider whether a mouse is really a good pet for you and your family. Imagine that all cats will investigate the cage and try to find out the method.

If you decide to use some rats, be sure to be responsible for your own welfare. If you have a child who begs your mouse, they may learn some responsibility, but ultimately adults should ensure the welfare of the animals and make sure the cat does not cause problems.

I hope this article will help you solve whether the mouse and the cat can be kept together for your family

Good luck