Are you healthy, happy, rich, thin?

There are a few things that if you wish, this will help us to reach new heights. I am here to list some no special order.

1. Count your blessings

2. Target setting

3. Planning and organizing … i like this!

4. Appropriate nutrition and exercise … I hate this! I like to eat trash, I really do not like sports.

5. help others.

6. Classification – Prioritize priorities.

7. Learning and growing up.

8. Interesting … you have to have fun

9. Spend time with special people to spend time.

10. Spirituality

I decided to start a series of these disciplines to help me become a more successful person. It encourages me to encourage others. I did not reach the peak in any way, but I found no better way than in practice to get better, but to share with others.

You may hate and love me differently from me. I know a few people like to exercise, some people hate planning and organization (to map). But improvements in these areas will make you and me a glorious year. That's what we want. We want to live well in all respects. This will not happen by chance. The thin fairy left the building LOL. Depends on me. More happy, more healthy, richer, leaner, smarter, more loving, better Christians, better wives, better friends …. you get photos.

Let you start learning the goals of these disciplines. As we begin to improve, the customary form, we are moving in the right direction of progress.