Bad Stock, Good Failure

Stock Trading is a popular and aged investment portfolio. Blue chips are the most profitable because large companies sell stocks. Stock income depends on the company's market performance, investors through stock brokers to buy their shares. If you buy stocks from Coca-Cola, your stock income is certainly high because the company has been a leading soda maker. When you invest in Enron, you may have lost your fortune as the company collapsed from stock trading after a financial dispute. Investors, stockbrokers and market analysts often observe these return on investment and risk, as the market, as a result of the market, is a risk factor for the market. Performance is too volatile. One-day market changes will significantly increase or decrease stock returns. But the increase in oil dollars will reduce the income to 100. The worst market speculation alone would scare away, most likely to crash some of the stock market. As an investor, you spend more money to pay for stockbrokers and market analysts to predict and analyze market performance to reduce revenue losses.

Stock trading makes sense, but requires a lot of money to earn more. When you buy stocks from stable and large companies, this is beneficial, which is often costly. Even if you buy shares from these companies, you still do not earn much if you only buy a few expensive stocks. Stock trading requires only more stocks to earn more. Stocks are risky, especially when they are not big companies. In addition, they are risky because the market performance is too uncertain. While market analysts and stockbrokers at work, the market is too volatile to predict.

Taxation Illegal property investment is the opposite. It is low risk; you do not need too much money to start; you do not need market analysis; no financing; less competition; less speculation in the market; profits are easy; the best is, even in the worst case Can get some profit.