Barbie Marketing

You might be wondering what Barbie Marketing is … I do not blame you – I first heard the word my 12-year-old son was in the lungs of his store Top ejected. Do not know he is talking about all the girls walking in the Barbie dress, do not need me for a long time. You know that kind of high heels, jewelry and bling bling, spent two hours to complete the hair, as well as clothes from the designer shelf, too much makeup too little, too little, fashion. Are they not dolls?

[1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [19459] Know all the people who live in my house. I know very little that he knows this because his big brother tells him that he loves Barbie dolls with pink clothing. But i am learning. For the sense of fashion, want to be a chicken magnet, Barbie pink dress is a major attraction.

Barbie Marketing is stylish pink with black and white accents.

When I asked for specific details, I got clear details, including the simple fact that Barbie Marketing was fashionable pink (of course both black and white accents). According to my 12-year-old who knows that it usually includes anything like diamonds and Bling Bling. "

Barbie Marketing is Bling Bling with Style

Every day girls do not do well. They usually wear too simple and do not have enough accessories for them The shoes look very comfortable. Ahem, they know how? "My girlfriend put on enough bling bling to class, but too much bling really really happy," the 12-year-old genius?

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I am amazed at this promise.

"Well, I am very stable," he shrugged his shoulders, "but we did not date or anything until her father did not understand her.

"Dating? My simple mind just lost the overall control, I soon lost. "What are the triad dating?

" When we eat at the lunch table or sit in the youth group, mom, do you know the date? His eyes like the marble on campus like his head rolling, he felt I know?

"Dear, let me know that two weeks ago, Ms. Barbie Marketing got married and I would find a wedding gift for you." I smiled at him, shook my hair and we left the mall.

"Mom, you have no contact! Go again to those eyes …