bedspreads – how do they look?

Although bedspreads like to feed people's blood, they do not have the same eyes as people. These parasites have a so-called complex eye structure. It is believed that they do not see the color, they are visualized in black and white.

Bugs on the bed are composed of hundreds of glasses called miniatures and are combined with hexagonal structures. A simple way to portray this insect's eyes looks like a bee honey combed into a conical rather than flat. It's like a football, but at a smaller, more complex level. Each face consists of two lenses, one on the surface, one inside. The bed of the wrong glasses structure allows it to be seen in 3-D. All these aspects are assembled together to form parasitic eyes. These facets are connected to pipes that focus light on the center structure called slingshot. The marbles are light-sensitive and guide the information through the optic nerve to the brain.

Each individual face on the bed sends a different image to its brain. Mosaic was created when all of these pictures were processed and put together. This 3-D mosaic is bedspread how to see its human host. Do not know if the bed moves erroneously, it sees the picture as a whole to update, or every lens takes microseconds to update the visual information. If the parasite's vision is updated through the lens, then it will see the ever-changing picture.

There are several reasons why insects appear on the human host at night or in the dark, and this view is like observing 3D glasses with kaleidoscope. One reason is because in the evening, when you sleep in bed, you will not feel that they crawl on you and bite you. Another reason may be that these vampire have sensitive eyes so that they can see better in the dark. These complex eyes can also absorb the body's heat. That is why most bed lice bite in the center of the body mass section.

Humans may have the color of the vision, constantly updated, because the dark spot recurrence of the eyes look like black and white, your body, legs and arms of the heat signal than your fingers and toes warmer The Their eyes will not keep the full picture at once, but they can well see their best job. The job is to find a person's host, used to feed their blood.