Best stock in this economy to buy

If you are an individual investor and you are looking for the best stocks in this economy, then I would never pay attention to the mainstream media. Yesterday I noticed that the two largest banks in the country upgraded some stocks to buy recommendations. On the same day, the two stocks were also listed as the two most likely to go bankrupt in the next 12 months. This tells me an uncertain thing.

The best thing you can do is do your own stock research. But where do you start? The first thing you want to do is identify the company that actually makes money. There are two main elements that you need to look for. they are:

  • Earnings per share
  • Sales

These two numbers will only tell you a lot about stocks. You want to identify stocks with more than 25% of earnings per share and sales of more than 25%. Starting from here your research will significantly reduce the number of stocks you need to look at. Finding winning stocks is a game of elimination. Get rid of all the stocks, do not make any money, it will leave you small stocks, you are more likely to make money. This is the key. All the stocks to choose from, why not choose the best?