Big Large Pyrénées House

Due to the long fair fur, the black nose and oversized size, the friendly faces you are looking for may sound like a polar bear cub, but these are Known as the beautiful dog of the Great Pyrenees. Dogs are bread eaters, guards, sheep and possessions, control wolves and bears. Like other big breeds, their metabolism is slow and may seem lazy, but in reality they are just "relaxing". They need space to move, feel comfortable, only any other kind of animal. A large dog house will be suitable for your four-legged safety system for outdoor relaxation in the right space.

lying on up to 30 inches on the shoulders, weighing more than 110 pounds, you need to make sure you have if you want to bring these devotion and affectionate dogs to your home space. Because they are raised as protesters, you need to have a large fence in the yard where they can patrol the given space you define. If you allow them to take over, then they can become territory in larger areas. It would be useful for this extra large breed to build a good dog house outdoors. It will give them their own space on the outside you take a break.

They need to know from you who is welcome at home. They will bark to remind you of the invaders. You need to explain who is accepted and they will follow your leadership and will usually welcome anyone. Like any dog, there is a good training tool, these natural territory defenders will be in their own dog house placed a dog house, where they can walk, feeling they are doing their own work