Biochemistry Cell Salt and Astrology Equivalent Health

Astrology and Cell Salt Biochemistry

In this chaotic and material world we can thank George Dr. W. Carey gives us an invaluable psychological and physical health key. He wrote a little book titled "The Relationship between the Mineral Salt and the Zodiac";

The heritage of all the people on this planet is perfect; healthy and perfect Our solar system has just entered Aquarius Of the times, this is the sign of mankind. Signs about the truth of man. This is the age of truth. Only the facts are not opinions. Know the truth, the truth makes you free. Understand the truth and cure yourself. Dr. William Schuessler has provided us with the perfect process in the medical biochemical system. The key is provided by Dr. Carey.

The Schuesselr's system provides its components for the blood. When the blood chemistry is perfect, divine power into the body. Lack of disease means uncomfortable, harmonious or imperfect. The perfect supply of chemical elements means perfect cells, perfect minds, perfect thoughts, perfect behavior, "perfect – gods!" Neitschze is right … we are male gods. Most people do not know that biochemistry is an ancient sanskir ​​t science. What goes around comes around.

Dr. Kerry, in a strange and rare meditation, is attributed to the ecology of the zodiac sign of the corresponding chemical element or salt. His book is the most unique and valuable work of the last century. Cell salts are the key to physical regeneration and mental lighting. His information is necessary for the production or creation of new people. Aquarius man of the era.

This revelation comes from Dr. Kerry, his "seventy years old!" This revelation is that each of us has to do our own new things. We must all work hard to solve our own salvation. This salvation takes many lives. Patience is the fruit of God.

The esoteric astrology is a Nobel science, an integrated human physiology, anatomy, chemistry and metaphysical aspects.

The Aquarius era is telling man to look up, otherwise it will be forced to do so.

Cell salt, the process of physical regeneration is not a whole, but many. Patiently. But now he has gone, but when the time is up, the time of astrology is coming, which will produce the vibrations he needs to reproduce the target, and he will reappear on the body and continue his work.

Aquarius era is giving us the laws of quantum physics. The law of quantum physics tells us that there is no time in the infinite energy ocean called the quantum ocean. No past, present and future, only now! "

Dr. Kerry is waiting for him to flash from the quantum sea and enter the material reality when it is blink of an eye he and all of us have done it at the right time