Black cat superstition – good luck or luck?

According to the place where you have black cats crossed in the world, your path may be bad luck or good luck

The traditional black cat is related to witches and wicked, which often gives them To the unfortunate stigma.

But luck is what you do. If a black cat crosses your way, you are busy looking at the cat, you do not see the curb of the roadside, you fall in the damage to your arm, then you are most likely to consider a black cat bad luck another As if you had a black cat through your way, next to a ten dollar bill, there was a drop that you picked up, then you would consider returning to the cat lucky.

What is your first experience, a black cat, which will determine whether the black cat is good luck or bad luck for you

Pure black cat is actually a rare Of things. Usually their coat or claws will have other colors on the spots. In many cases, if a purebest cat catches a cat at some point in the cat's ancestors, the cat will look black, but when the light is correct, you will be able to see the mottled spots

The real black cat is the Mumbai cat, is an Asian cat, completely black. The cat comes from Burmese cats, pure black jackets, claws and nose with copper green eyes. The Asian black Mumbai black cat should not be confused with the American cat of the same name, which is a relatively new cat, originated in 1958.

Black cat is good or bad luck? They can also. The next time you see a black cat, make sure you are alert, so nothing will happen, maybe a good thing, not!