Building Building Important People

For architects, architects or interior designers, housing construction is definitely an interesting process. They will understand the process and how to complete it. They are the people who control the whole building. In this process, there will be so many people involved. Of course, the landlord is one of them, but there are other people who are concerned. They all have their own responsibilities and responsibilities with the house.

This is the important and needed person involved in housing construction and its responsibilities:

• Engineers: providing structural design for the entire house; providing the structure from the floor to the roof; working with the job supervisor and the site Supervisors

• Architects: the most important figure in building construction; get the customer's idea that they write it on paper; understand the guidelines and legal requirements associated with your building in order to hire They are to avoid any legal problems; can choose workers in the area

• Contractors: they are observing field workers and workers; supervise their work to ensure that their work is done well

• Mason: responsible for the construction of the whole house; responsible for building walls and other construction

• Carpenter and painter: one of the most needed people in the building; they are the doors, windows, Cabinets and other wood products; paint walls, ceilings, etc.

• Electrical and plumber: Each house needs a good water supply, So that it is possible to determine the water and electricity connections of the lines and pipes

All of these people are needed in housing construction. So when you go to the site when there are a lot of people really. They have to do well in order to build a strong and beautiful house. They must agree with things, cooperate with each other so that the house looks good. They all have a goal. Their goal is to be able to build a family, a person or a family can live comfortably