Buy Bull / Bear Bulls – Stock Trading Topics

What are the usual mistakes that day traders make when trading stocks? The following insights can help you to effectively carry out daily trading and get some good profits from stock trading. I did, so you can do it if you just follow the prompts. I will try to highlight some tips here, based on my own experience, I usually trade on-line in the online market.

Today is the day for most investors to trade with major stock companies in day trading. I am trapped in the uncertainty of the market. This is overcome today. I want to tell you how. We have been watching the index. So we decided to sell all the major companies of the stock, while holding shares of other companies, speculated that prices will hit us today, the goal.

Once the market opened, the price touched AED5.07 but did not look closely at the market. Once I entered the market, I found that the price touched our target selling price, the profit margin is very good. We edit and reset the price by lowering the price from AED 5.10.But it is short-lived.

We will jump through the speculation that the price will be adjusted to DH.5.11. Since the demand and supply factors are very effective here, we can not sell because many sellers outperform buyers. Then I reduced the price to AED5.08. No luck. The market fell to AED5.06.

Once again, it recovered an hour later, this time I changed the price to AED5.13, which is expected to hit our target price. Wait 2 hours later, I changed the price to DH.5.09. Now the price goes up to AED5.10, but there is no sale because there are too many bids than bid.

I have been following the market with great caution as the index fluctuates up or down. It drops to AED5.08. But I've been waiting. Finally, I found out that all of my stock was sold out. Good margins are locked.

I found the market just continued to fall and fall. I just laugh. I was very happy. However, I can not sell shares of DFM or other companies because my goal is a bit high. It touched AED6.30 once, but there was no sale. I adjusted the price to AED 6.29, the price soared to AED 6.28, but not in my goal. The fall, the market price reached the opening price AED6.21.

I learned from today's market: Do not be too greedy. Lock your profits now what you get. Who knows tomorrow will be a good or worse day for stock trading? So once you see some profit go for it and hedge tomorrow's odds. Sell ​​fast, keep cash in hand tomorrow, buy tomorrow, when the market falls again gains. Control your emotions and keep enough money to buy stocks in hand The next market will be bearish.