Buy jewelry for your girlfriend – Practical guide

If you are a man, you may not have too much jewelry. Most men, in general, are not. However, maybe this is your girlfriend's birthday or Christmas or (heaven ban!) Valentine's Day, you decide to give your special girl a gift for jewelry. It's good for you! This is a wonderful choice, suppose, of course, you already know that your girlfriend likes and appreciates beautiful jewelry.

The first step : decide how much money you can spend comfortably. Or if you are rolling in the money, decide how much you willing flowers. If you hardly scratched, do not get rid of yourself because of lack of money, or get the idea, unless you put yourself into the horrible financial straights this purchase, you do not love her enough. It is nonsense, any woman worthy of her salt will tell you. When it comes to jewelry, we gals know that this is not a guy's tea, they are in their depth, and may be afraid they are wrong to choose. We understand.

[1945900] The second step : Once you have your budget, decide what kind of jewelry gift will take that form. Will it be an earring? A necklace? A bracelet? Ring? If the problem of money, earrings or pendant necklace, especially if we are talking about high jewelery, may be the most affordable jewelery. For beginners, you can translate "Advanced Jewelery" into anything that contains K – such as 10k gold, 12k gold, 14k gold and so on. Earrings are very self-evident. Pendant necklace usually means a precious or semi-precious stone or two gold or silver set, hanging from the same metal chain

By the way, choose a piece of absolutely nothing wrong with 12K gold, Even 10K high jewelry. The gold content is distributed throughout the jewelry, so put aside any fear that you may have gold will "wear". If that is all you can comfortably afford, well It will look good. This should be a symbol of emotion and thoughtfulness, not a test of how much you care about, or a measure of how much she is worth her. We must lose this idea, a person who receives a 18k gold ring is more loved than a person who receives a 10k ring. This is ridiculous

If the budget can not accommodate the gift of exquisite jewelry, then consider Sterling's silver jewelry. There are many beautiful Sterling silver pieces available, many with gorgeous semi-precious stones. Or you can stick to the direct Stirling, no gems, find your dollars will go very far. For the same amount you will pay a pair, say that the diamond ear nails you can buy your girl a brand new wardrobe Sterling silver jewelry

When you decide what kind of jewelry to buy, please consider your girlfriend style of. If she wore beautiful, feminine clothes and exquisite clothes, a large, rough hammer silver and turquoise bracelet may not be good. If you know she hates the shaking earrings, for Pete's sake, do not let her any! It does not matter if you wear a hanging earring once, you like it. Her fell in love with it.

Be careful : how to say this is good? Stay away from the ring unless you mean business. Women get a lot of jewelry in their lives – it comes from friends (men and women), family, colleagues, bosses – all kinds of ways. It is all fine and acceptable as we receive mostly lines along the "non-character" jewelry – earrings, needles and brooches, necklaces, bracelets – no one to convey any transcendence, "hey, i like you and me Think it will be good for you. The ring is a completely different thing – especially the gold ring. When you push that little box under our nose, our heart starts .. either fear (if we do not like you) Or excitement (if we like you a lot), but it pound.For whatever reason the ring is a very personal jewel comes from a man. It sends a message. Believe me even in this day and age of open sex

Now let me make things more complicated: if your girlfriend is of this type, then tell the whole front of the ring the paragraph will appear outside the window Sterling silver and semi – precious stones. Sterling silver jewelry is more casual (eg silver and turquoise or silver and coral ornaments) and does not tend to convey any hidden information.

The third step : Shop, shop, shop! Drag yourself into a jewelry store and do some look. Online shopping is a good idea and may also save you money because online jewelery shops allow you to compare stores easily and usually do not The store-related expenses, but honestly, there is no rhythm to see a few pieces of jewelry.If the idea at the foot of the jewelry store is uneasy, then try a department store.If you see your favorite style, ask What is it called. "What kind of stone is what kind of stone? How big is the stone? Are very good questions. Pay special attention to the reference to the size of the gem. When you stare at the computer screen, it is hard to imagine a 4 mm stone or 1 carat stone. Seeing a person is a completely different thing. Record your mind in what you see, then return to your computer at high speed and do some serious comparison shopping. This applies to gems you are buying silver or gold, precious or semi-precious stones

Finally, when you are ready to buy, read the fine print! What is the jewelry return policy? What does the site (or store) have for gem quality? Can the ring (if you decide to buy a ring) easy to resize?

That's it! There is little hope and planning that you will be able to choose an affordable gift to your girlfriend that will suit her personality and style that she will love. If she does not, you know the store's return policy. Happy shopping!