Buy Nigerian Crude No Fraud: How Real Crude Oil Sellers Can Find Spot Buyers

Crude Crude Oil There are no scams or fears in Nigeria. How, if you are a crude oil sellers, find a buyer in today's crude oil sales climate

Dear Crude Dealers:

Are you, perhaps, a (depressed) Blco, Flco, crude oil seller or buyer?

Usually, most buyers of crude oil have only one thing to look for and want the most important: finding a real seller and trader of crude oil, and one involving no scam or fraud. However, most unfortunately, in today's international oil sales industry, there are far too many FAKE crude sellers than real crude!

In fact, given the above FACT, in Nigeria, as well as Russia, Saudi Arabia and other similar international crude oil markets today, even relatively few crude oil sellers who are actually GENUINE and AUTHENTIC, often lament that they found Difficult to find buyers of crude oil who would want to do business with them, they say, these buyers will generally look at them with the same suspicion, censorship and lack of trust. As a result, many oil sellers have the prospect of selling their products in fear and frustration, often wondered if they will find buyers or sell them in time.

Well, if you are a crude seller of crude oil serious about finding and ready crude buyers, you want to always, never make a sale, here's what you have to do to harsh truths and why!

First, know the truth of today's oil industry: Today there are two basic types of international crude oil sellers "sellers" – FAKE sellers and GENUINE sellers!

So, as a seller, the central question is: Which of the two seller types is you, yourself?

As an accreditation authority for several major oil buyers in the US and Europe, I literally can not calculate the weekly number of emails we receive in the office, even from claims that he / she is rough Person's telephone oil "broker" or seller's "agent", "promoter" or whatever you have claimed to have 2 million, sometimes up to 4 million barrels of BLCO or FLCO available for sale every month. Often, the crude oil is said to have been "loaded" in international waters and ready to be immediately transshipped with TOT arrangements at $ 6/3, $ 8/5, $ 10/7, $ 10/4 and so on. And so on, email or callers are asking us to hurry, "sign only SPA", "sign only contract"

These sales information will always contain a large number of "attractive" phrases like this describe the hypothetical seller Or "true and true seller", "absolutely true and reliable", "trustworthy", "respectable", "transparent trading", "honesty" and so on. More importantly, this information is usually accompanied by a number of sweeteners, such as: "The advantage of this special offer is that buyers do not need to make any payment or provide any financial tools until the buyer Q & Q and confirm that the ship actually Loaded ", which means that if the buyer only" signed the contract "and signed the deal, he had no financial risk. (Incidentally, the fact that the buyer has a Q & Q before making a payment on the transaction, making the buyer safe and risk-free, is a hypothetical and untrue fact, but this is another matter of discussion).

However, images like those imagined crude sellers are common. Pure hogwash!

Why? Because, as a recent report notes, "Unfortunately, the obvious reality today is that the international crude oil sales business has become very serious, with crooks and crooks, most of which really have nothing to sell, except to sell some forged, Worthless documents forged or copied from the Internet, and spit out some fictional myth claims. "

The report added," Experts say these crooks use many seller-authorized, located around the world to bring their Business. For some particularly notorious countries (such as Russia and Nigeria), are generally considered to be their own participants in the scam, but foreign missions are considered to be victims of innocent victims in most cases, and they may often think they represent These international crude crooks and fraudsters mostly march themselves on the Internet as "dealers of crude oil", but in reality just scammy dreamers just come out to deceive others to hope (for them!) Big in the millions and millions of dollars " .

Simply put, such a beautiful portrait, as described above, assumes that the crude seller is pure idiocy, because, although only for everyone who comes to us as a hypothetical crude seller every day (We get at least about 2-3 of them a day) always assert that the seller is "trustworthy, reliable, true, true, honest" and verbal, almost every goal, credible; on the other hand, the available evidence says exactly the opposite

== by the British ACC Information and Research Report

== published by entitled

"NIGERIAN TRANSACTION SCAMS" report states that "Nigerian Oil Company (NOC) provides a" special distribution "at market prices below [But] In reality," special distribution "does not exist

== The latest FBI report on Internet crime trends in February 2011 states that "the largest number of offenders outside the country [the U.S.] comes from the UK, Nigeria and Canada. "

== Similar views were also expressed in the incident on 19 March 2011 at Ghanaweb's website," Nigeria's Crook exports $ 48 million to Dupe TOR "

Is part of the report "Common Internet Fraud in Imports and Exports." Part IV – Fraud from Africa, "reported in the Bonny Oil section of the Information Bank website.

Bottom line: So we know the fact that although each of the 24 to 36 people a day as a crude oil buyer's proxy is assumed to be a crude "seller", they claim he or she is a " Honest, true, true and reliable "dealer, absolutely no streaky fraud or 419 no matter in him, the serious reality is actually far different, and on the contrary, almost all of these offers and sellers are right cheat and not

Therefore, you are to provide us with specific evidence and evidence, rather than a simple claim or word

Key Points: Obviously, SOMEBODY Obviously lying here big time, too! ) When almost every single seller of crude oil, or on behalf of one, claims that his offer is honest and lawful! Thus, for the crude oil industry as the seller or its broker, agent or principal, here is the bottom line: As a hypothetical "seller", you can ask all the HONEST, AUTHENTIC or whatever you want LEGITIMATE, one of the "other" and "bad" sellers of crude oil who performed fraud and 419 international crude oil buyers

OK! It's ok.

But here, however, is precisely this: given the above grim reality, you claim all the way or quantity (or any one person), nevertheless, the responsibility remains serious but heavily dependent on you (Assuming the seller), in fact proved to the buyer of crude oil claims. The responsibility is still seriously fall on you (the seller) to do one thing, only one thing: that is, physically "show" the crude buyers some clear and true evidence that shows you openness and transparency, some credible and can be Independently verified as well as specific proofs and evidence confirming who you are saying to you about your statement, as well as your authenticity and GENUINENESS as a real rough seller. Not just giving or continuing to give the buyer the same old, familiar "routine" – just lofty statements and words that are just long "grammars" about how incredibly "honest" or "authentic" the seller you should Yes.


Back to the original question of this article: So, as a real seller of real crude oil can be sold, or an agent or broker, you really want to be able to easily Sell ​​your crude oil and be able to find reliable buyers who are eager and able to buy from you?

Well, really basically just a very simple, but the key thing that you need to do must be done and you can easily reach that goal without time. Just provide (make available to your seller) the buyer some good, tangible, easy-to-reliable evidence and evidence (not just about it's statements, words and majors) about your real legal brutal seller. With all this, you will soon discover that you will certainly be buying from a stable source of energy and craving crude buyers – almost guaranteed to buy

So you have it – this is our little secret key This is a simple but unsuccessful "little secret" for a successful crude oil dealer or agent in the current international crude oil and petroleum products market.

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