Buy one can get a free and effective marketing?

We all know that marketing is the most important thing that any company must do. Marketing can be done at any price level, but if your money is limited, how efficient is it?

Companies facing economic difficulties should reform their marketing programs to suit our new problems as a country

The next thing is that companies should find an effective market approach in this economy, And not too much. One way is to provide free products and services. Consumers like to buy one that can get a free one, which can be done not just for some extra time. Larger companies have been using this process for years, and small companies should try to buy a free marketing promotion.

If consumers think that companies have their own situation, they will be more likely to patronize the company.

By budget does not mean you should reduce the market, but that means marketing is smarter. Everyone knows that word of mouth is the first marketing tool.

See what happened to Oprah and Kentucky vouchers. Everyone did not see Oprah hear a free dinner, but the source confirmed that there were more than 4 million people served. Now I am not saying that KFC's deal is fully proved, because you can not give up so much free stuff, but if they buy a free, do the same marketing what will happen. At least half of the 4 million people will buy a free product, the company will make a huge amount of money in a short time

companies need numbers to eliminate what consumers want, if they want to survive, Try to give them. Buy a free marketing strategy that should seem to be used by the company.