Buy silver coins – why silver is in the choice of investment

Silver market has always been considered the second category of gold. Invest in poor or middle class. The cost of buying gold is cheaper. However, in the world political tensions involving Iraq and Afghanistan, the gold market has grown strongly for ten years, and the dollar's haven is on the rise.

Given the world economic situation on the continents and the global financial crisis, we have never seen an unprecedented level of monetary inflation and depreciation of local currencies. For example, the dollar has been steadily declining over the past nine years, with only a small amount of volatility in 2009/2010. The dollar as a "paper" entity has been losing more and more value each year, which means that more money is needed to buy silver or gold items than ever before. However, the silver market is now at an unconventional low of our current time.

Silver is just about 1/10 of the gold price 2 years ago (2009), but today has climbed to about 1/50 of the price of gold. That is, if you buy silver coins, ingots or jewelry, 50 ounces of sterling silver A grade silver is equivalent to a pure ounce of gold. So now the trend is that silver prices increase from historical lows because any difference in market pricing will keep itself in line with the medium term.

So why would you buy silver coins, jewelry or any other items for your long term investment? As I said at the beginning, Silver is more likely to afford the average Joe's investment than gold. If you buy 10 ounces a month, according to today's interest rate you spend about $ 280, you can not only accumulate wealth in a few years, you will successfully hedge inflation. What better pension goals will make your plan? When I make this proposal to you, it does not seem to make any sense why you will save your money into a pension fund. If you buy silver coins instead of ingots or jewels, the value of casting is worth more because it has the collector's favorite shape and appearance. In fact, even if you can receive 10% of your interest from your pension company through savings cash, you are still far behind buying money as your investment plan. Buy silver coins as a regular plan, you will find that your wealth will grow very stable.