Buy Stock Online – Good Idea?

If you ever thought about yourself "I might buy stock online" … hold that idea. In the crazy world of stock trading there is a TON of fraud, fraud and spam, but more specifically dealing with a penny stock. To let you know how much spam is purchased online (as it relates to a penny stock), a Oxford study found that 15% of spam was related to a penny stock fraud.

I'm not here to say "Do not buy online stock! … I just wanted to inform you that some fraud / spam / scams are taking turns at this moment.Only the key to buying online is finding credible sources of information.

One of the largest fraud schemes is called selling "chop stock." Chop stock is bought by penny stock, Then sell the dollar … This gives the broker and the stock issuer a crazy profit per share. When this kind of thing happens, the broker pays the stock under the table to sell … Super Shadow of the things.

Another big one is called "Pumping and Dumping." The concept is simple, as you've probably already heard … It includes misleading statements (usually flat-headed) to "hype" stocks (ie pumps

Pumps and dumping schemes are usually promoted by email spam, but you will also find people on online message boards / forums.The same study found that 15% of spam versus one dollar Fraud, and found that those who respond to the scam in a short span of 2 days lost 8% of the capital / investment … while the return rate of spammers 4.9% 6% when they sell. Not cool …