Buy Stocks Without Broker

So You Need To Buy Stocks Without Broker? It's a good idea, but unfortunately buying or selling stocks is not as easy as buying or selling a car. To buy a stock, you need to match the seller, which is usually the role of broker. While buying brokers without a broker is certainly possible, it is necessary to find a voluntary seller, which is often a difficult task.

A further complication is that most stock buyers rarely deliver their stock certificates . Although they are the owner of the name, the agent usually eventually holds the physical certificate. This makes the further sale of the stock difficult, unless you use the agent. This system is not always in the best interests of the customer, since it ultimately pays a commission to the broker at every transaction. However, while buying a stock without a broker is cheaper, when you are selling, they perform a basic task to find future buyers and make the system more efficient

Another One form of the problem that can be taken is: Can I buy a stock without a broker's advice? Must be YES! It is more and more individuals who start buying in their stocks because they realize that in most cases the advice of their broker is nonsense. Since brokers work on a commission basis, their incentive does not always allow you to buy the best stock, but get your highest commission rate.