Buying Persian and Oriental Rugs Overseas – Guide

Each year thousands of tourists and soldiers bring back Persian or Oriental rugs from their holidays and travels each year, many people finally red-faced on the face – not

This can be an adventure to bring a memorable souvenir from a distant country, a real experience if you know what you are doing in a chance to pick up on your trip bargain. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but a local shopkeeper can find visitors a mile away.

There are inherent risks in buying abroad, the most important of which is the risk that buying Persian and Oriental rugs abroad has a lot of risk, in order to get what you really want The seller knows that you do not have recourse if they are wrong and if they are fake, even if you just decide against it, you will not be able to return the goods you purchased. Because they are more likely to use, the sound advice is to let it know that you will not leave the city the next day for a while and even if you are

Another important thing to remember is that when You go to buy and sell home the owner knows you are not an expert, not a dealer. You are unlikely to receive a transaction price for a business person, and they will try to charge a retail price. If these people are used to dealing with enterprises from abroad, then there is likely to be considerable room for negotiation. They may not sell you their merchandise at the same price, someone will get bulk orders, but if they start high, there may be a big reduction available, if pushed, they will still sell more than they would a professional.

The next consideration is customization fees. Stolen carpets with your luggage may work, but if arrested, you will be forced to pay import duties and VAT at your home airport – these costs 8% additional tax in the UK and then an additional 17.5% VAT in this plus any Processing fees and fines, so when purchasing abroad.

Every country is different, and every country has its own risks. Popular shopping destinations include Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates (including Dubai)

Turkey is a popular tourist destination whether you are on the bustling streets of Istanbul or at the beach resorts In the South, you may encounter hand-knotted carpets at some point. Many travels and tours have a carpet section, where you show the traditional weaving process and then hard sell it to professional salespeople. Turkish sellers can be very charming, but remember that these places are tourist traps, you may pay first-class dollars or pounds, and sometimes quite low quality carpets. The streets of Istanbul have many shops and boutiques offering surprises for the sale of woven colors. These places are also used for tourists, it is possible from the tourist price. One thing to note, especially in Turkey, is the artistic silk rug. Many silk carpets sold in Turkey are in fact Viscose Rayon which significantly reduces their value, ruggedness and longevity. Good advice is to avoid buying silk rugs abroad, unless you are confident you can tell the difference between genuine silk and artistic silk

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are other places where many rugs are purchased by tourists, very Simple, this is unwise. There is no carpet weaving industry in the United States, where carpets are sold from Iran, Turkey, India and Afghanistan and are sold in retail stores. There is nothing inherently wrong here, but you may get the same agreement in these places and you will be home in the Persian or Oriental rugs store. Depending on where you are and where you are shopping for home, it may actually be a little more expensive. People guard on their vacation as many people expect to buy the object, hoping it will extend the feeling of their vacation, but the carpet is a purchase that you should have with your heart and your head.

Trading in Iran and India can have, in particular, use (but conditional) pieces, but it helps to speak the language or someone in there with you. The biggest threat here is that you may be selling something, and in fact it is a lower level item. Westerners are easy prey when it comes to selling Ardekan as Kazan or Tabbas as a Nain. Knowing something about the rug will help you with something you like rather than selling to you.

A key point for US buyers – if the price is not the same as the value of the investment in the United States, if it is the East of the carpet, rather than the Persian language, You buy an Iran (Persian) carpet, you are braving the risk of confiscation at customs, there is an embargo on Iranian goods to the United States, including Persian carpets, so be warned.

The next two stops are more likely than tourists to be more relevant than soldiers, but the warning is the same. Iraq does not produce any carpets, the parts sold here are exclusively for sale to the armed forces, which may come from any surrounding country, and all of the above recommendations apply. If you know what you are doing, you should be able to get a good deal, but soldiers are selling fake silk rugs and even machine-made parts that are real articles they are not uncommon. Afghanistan may be a better country to get a good deal of hand-knotted rugs. Although they also sell Iranian rugs here, the Afghan rugs themselves are usually very high standards and quite suitable for Western homes. This does not mean you should not be careful, but buying a commercial grade carpet here can be a good business, but it is always useful to compare prices with home prices

Buying abroad is a balance of risk and reward , And more of you know better deals that you might hit. If things seem to be good is true, it may be that you probably will not have the means to get your money. If you are buying abroad there are some points to consider:

  • Do some research before buying – Read the count of knots and tell the difference between machine making and handmade carpets
  • Avoid Silk Rugs – If You Must Buy Silk Make sure you know what you are doing
  • If you do not want to confiscate the risk of confiscation at the US Customs, please keep Persian carpets.
  • get rid of, h gle,. – Unless you know you get a brilliant deal, then the price is pretty strong. Do not be afraid to walk away, remember that sellers will prefer to sell a discount to the wholesale price of the dealer
  • Considering the local rugs – in the purchase area and around the carpet may be the best value
  • Factors in the cost of transportation, taxes and taxes. This may increase the initial cost between 20% and 40%, depending more on the shipping cost