Buying Shares and Obtaining the Right to Know

Stocks are sometimes not listed on major stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ as they do not meet the listing requirements. When you buy Penny stock, you know that the listed stock must hold the minimum number of shareholders, minimum assets and financial reports.

Penny stocks are usually traded on OTCBB or pink sheets. OTCBB (OTCBB) is an electronic quotation system for OTC stocks that are not listed on the National Stock Exchange. The only obligation is for the company to submit a financial report to the SEC.

Pink paper is not subject to SEC control or supervision. If the total assets of the company is less than $ 10 million or less than 500 total investors, then there is no need to submit any documents.

This fact can make the decision to purchase pennystocks a tricky one.
Urine stocks are completely open and negative for these reasons and manipulation. When you buy Penny stock, you'd better have your head in rotation. The share price is usually well below $ 5, while the market value is small because the company itself is very small.

Unreported ideas may make it difficult to find confirmation information about companies, their finances, and prospects.
Transaction volumes are generally low due to lack of public interest and insufficient number of investors. This suggests that some buy or sell orders may have a significant impact on stock costs. While a listed stock may never move within a few days hundreds of percent, a penny stock can do that.

Low stock prices make it possible to get a lot of cash in stocks. Low stock costs and limited capital requirements tend to attract amateur traders, but penny stock is definitely considered a competitive place for experienced financiers.

Many people are less likely to succeed and then go bankrupt. They underestimated the importance of learning how to buy pennystocks and eventually burned them down.

The stock will be valueless. Remember, you may not be able to sell your stock for a few days or weeks or only a huge discount due to limited liquidity.

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