Buying Stock

If you want to ask a difficult question for an investor, ask him or her how much money you will pay when you buy a stock. You may get some puzzled look, and then an answer, like "everything depends." In the stock market, the truth is that once the IPO ends, there are factors that affect the price of the stock, in order to understand the stock price factor, you need

What is the cost when you buy a stock?

This is actually a very vague problem, which is affected by the variables surrounding it. , MEW Industries is a leading coffee maker whose common stock closes at $ 15 a share today. How much will it cost tomorrow? Once again, the answer is not specific; for example, tomorrow's market can open up the imaginary outcome if

o Panama, the location of the MEW Industrial Coffee Farm, was recently taken over by Manuel Noriega, which seriously affected the harvest.

o When the MEW Industrial Group president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, stock market news is rampant.

o The American Medical Association found coffee to treat cancer.


The impact of opening and closing prices on buying stocks

Usually, the price will be close to the previous day's closing price.However, the breakout of stock prices takes place in those of the coffee crop Buying stocks When you feel an event that can completely change the value of your company and its stock value, the factors that motivate those buying stocks include factors that affect production, public perception, and overall profitability, so a company may see its stock price rise or fall.

Instead, the closing price of the stock may have an impact on the price of the next day. There is often a carryover effect from close to open, reducing stock volatility. No major Wall Street news overnight, opening and closing prices possible

This is a new day when the stock market opens, and those who buy stocks will help build the stock. Today's savvy investors are selling signals. A struggling stock may be tomorrow's hot stock. The key to stock value is what people are willing to pay. If you pay $ 500 for Google stock, you may want to buy a lot, but you One person from the street will buy a Brooklyn Bridge and you will pay $ 500 for MEW Industries stock. Remember, buying stocks is a game of perception. Someone has never thought Google would hold its IPO, let alone rose to more than $ 500 per share. As in life, the United States in the eyes of those who buy stock.