Can you make money in the stock market?

Many of our trading financial instruments have gone through a phase where we want to kill people by "playing the stock market." Sounds interesting, right? Click on a few keys on your computer keyboard and then close the trade with your hands for a few minutes or days after the great victory – no work, no sweat, (honest!) Family or friends of worship or envy. Doing this, you may win the LOTTERY.

Of course, this is the question of the success of the stock market vision: gambling mentality. From this point of view, with less effort to win extraordinary money, rather than go to the local gas station and buy a strong ticket is considered a serious goal. If things develop in this way, then it has a lot of fun, but gambling (or the lottery or the stock market) always stack the odds on the player.

Facts (usually repeated pains through the market Beaten and learned), you can not reliably earn a ton of money, anything more than you would normally earn a ton of money to hit blackjack. This is bad news.

The good news is that you can make a lot of money by working the stock market. Every day, people like you and me to make money; understand the operation of the market people, respect for the stock market squeeze any single player (such as.) The ability and the same as their business operation of their trading operations. You can also do it.

What do you need to do to work the stock market like a business? Broadly speaking, you need a solid business plan. You need to know: