Candlestick Charts – What Does a Solid Candlestick Mean?

The popularity of candlesticks over the past decade has increased considerably, with the original man named Steve Nissen introducing them to the Western world. Although the range of candlestick charts is very wide and varied, we will focus on what a solid candle means when looking at the chart

You will notice the first thing of a candlestick is that you can have an opening

An open candlestick

An open candlestick simply means the closing price of a day

A solid candlestick means a solid candlestick means that a red candlestick usually refers to a falling day relative to the previous trading day.

A red candle

A Greedy Candlestick

A green candlestick usually refers to a sunny day, relative to the previous trading day.

An open red candle

An open red candle candlestick may be new to most people because their charting program may not show these candles Of the function or depth.

A solid green candlestick indicates to us that today's closing price is higher than yesterday's closing price, but today The closing price is lower than the one-day opening price. So you can see that the candlesticks can draw a very impressive and graphic picture, and once you get used to them, you will be able to see some advanced models that profit from it