cheaper tea than Teavana – where to buy cheap, high quality leafy tea

Teavana is a popular tea shop in the United States chain. Although Teavana's tea quality is always above average, Teavana's price is high. I personally think that while Teavana is selling first class tea, I also think it is possible to get similar products from other companies at a lower price.

This article outlines some of the other sources of quality loose leaf tea that are cheaper than Teavana sources. Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. I have tried to cover a wide range of prices in this article, so I will cover companies that offer slightly cheaper than Teavana for those who offer more cheap, but I will focus on selling high-quality loose leaf tea at reasonable prices.

Upton Tea Import:

Upton is a very different company from Teavana; it focuses on pure tea and single source tea instead of blends. Its real advantage lies in the black tea from India, such as Darjeeling and Assam, although it has a lot of choices from China.

Ahmed is a brand of tea, headquartered in London, mainly for the Middle East audience. Ahmed is Iran's most popular tea brand, widely used in the Middle East box.

Companies with a focus on sustainable development: Rishi, Arbor Teas, Shanti Teas:


Three companies I liked to recommend are Rishi Tea, Arbor Teas and Shanti Teas. These companies are often significantly higher than Upton or Ahmed prices, but higher prices are associated with increased organic certification and Fairtrade certified tea selection. These companies are leaders in sustainability. Rishi is the oldest of the three, the most famous, and the most experienced. If you are going to pay the top dollar for your tea, I recommend buying from one of these companies; many of their teas are cheaper than Teavana, but you will pay the price to authorize tea producers to protect the environment and protect local production in the developing world Traditional, not just to pay high rentals of high-end shopping malls

Teavana's teas are high quality but also expensive and, in my opinion, overestimated. There are no companies like Teavana, but there are a lot of good alternatives, from which you can buy live leaf tea at a reasonable price. My company buys personal recommendations including Upton, Ahmed Tea and sustainable development focused companies such as Rishi, Arbor and Shanti Tea, which have many organic and fair trade certified products