Company Company Walk

The simulation game has actually existed for a long time and you may be familiar with console games such as Sims. Simulated life is really popular, the idea is that you play role-playing, looking for work, learning new skills, understanding people, tried life. Some big things just hit the online game industry, that is the company The company is a brand new online game, John, a very good game, I can add that it has quickly jumped to the best game in 2010, the warlords 2: The Rise of the Devil

In this online RPG game, you only need to run your own button factory, the goal is to run a successful business to earn a steady income, you must hire and destroy the workers depends on their happiness Level, and whether they are relaxing or doing their job. There are some minor bugs in the game, but overall they have been fixed, or are still in a fixed process, the game itself is very unique, which is very different from the usual online games I play

The game starts with 3 modes, easy, medium and difficult. Each model has a different starting cash amount and I have managed to play in medium and very situations if you choose hard options that your cash may be reduced to near low income, just make sure you do not buy many offices or decor The I have read a few good company company exercises here and there are useful tips for explaining how to accomplish each goal. The game has 32 goals, some of which are quite time consuming, so make sure you are just trying to earn a lot of money before trying to make a serious purchase.

Analysis: Overall, this game has so far the best online game that I played so far, no doubt. If you are a casual game, or in this case simulate the game, you should add this game to the playlist. If you encounter any mistakes, just let John know that he will continue to strive to improve, and make the online game community, everyone can play games better. I wish you good luck, as always, fun!