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I am the fan of the village Murakami Haruki.

But with any author, writer, painter or photographer, his work does not attract everyone, but his work inspires and inspires me (and millions of others) and attracts me back The For those who read him, his popularity was due to his ability to establish a relationship with the reader. To a certain extent connected with them.

Writing Awards

About content writing, accepting you will not be liked by everyone. Do not worry that everyone is the best friend.

This means knowing your audience – their fear, anxiety, desire, anxiety, desire and desire – and then by writing to them:

Solve the problem

Everyone likes to help people. Some people make them feel better, rest assured, solve the problem, provide direction. Look at the success of the self-help guide

Let's imagine that we sell "moisturizing soap". The positive benefit of this soap is to keep it clean. But the solution it provides for the customer's problem is that this soap can prevent and treat dry skin.

For customers, there is a commitment to radiate the skin, rather than a whole day of dry flaky skin.

Satisfying their desires

Most successful brands are not "concerned about what we need." They focus on what we want. We may need a laptop Computer, but we want an apple.We need a pair of new glasses, but want a pair of YSL.

Why do you want to do this instead of a pair of everyday specifications? We want to cooperate with peers.We want to show off We have to be impressed.

The luxury brand has been in the pursuit of fashion.It is believed that Chanel and its way to help keep its wishes and exclusivity do not sell handbags online. Think Burberry and it use video of the way to help step handmade capture, create one signature jacket or words it uses on its website -. "custom", "art", "Heritage" – the desire to strengthen our words

However, you do, but you play, remember solve your customer's problems and meet their ideas through your writing, Will be rewarded opinions, and a large number of stock sales.