Cowboy Kick

My eldest son is a soldier. He came to this life, the day before my 34th birthday, kicked and screamed like a banchee, to be honest, he had not stopped yet.

As a toddler, the big plan of his life is grown up as a cowboy. He likes to walk around in his father's boots, even if the father complains, but Sean anyway. I remember telling him that those were big boots to fill, he said, "my feet will be bigger."

At that time, I laughed, it did not think much,


He and his friends are full of rocks. My friends went home the next morning, and his job was to take all the rocks out of the pond and pile them aside so that we could put the lining in the pond. Two days later, when his friend came back to visit, he shared their experience and persuaded them because he had to clean up the pond themselves, and they should help clean the coop.

Reading is not his strong litigation, but he found a substitute

He likes to learn but he Hate reading. He will beg his sister to read him, and whenever someone read a book to listen carefully. He can remember the details more quickly than any of the things I know, and his memory of historical facts is second to none. He liked history, so he would find a documentary about history, listen to it, and then he would spend a few hours studying the details of the documentary. Learning, research is more interesting than just reading, he can answer many of his own problems.

[1945900] Work and study, learning from work

In the work of training to become part of his learning process, he likes to travel. He will seize any chance to travel and learn more. Apprentice is hard to come, but he found three ways to get apprentices and learn his work. Farm work is rich and he likes to work in the country. Political training, work and cooperation with political leaders become a powerful second way to learn history.

When he came home after a long political journey, one night, wearing a pair of leather cowboy boots, I know He found his niche